Miller Solo 2-StageAlloy System (1844)

Miller Compass20

Miller Solo 2-StageAlloy System (1844)

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1827 / 1828 / 1831
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1840 / 1841 / 1844
1846 / 2030

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 Miller Compass20 (1844) Solo 2-Stage Alloy Tripod System

Miller Solo 2-StageAlloy System (1844)
Product Code: MillerCompass20
The Compass 20 Solo DV Alloy system combines with the innovative Solo DV tripod and Compass 20 fluid head to provide professional performance for the latest generation of lightweight HDV/DVCAM/XDCAM and P2HD cameras.

• Five selectable positions of high performance drag plus a zero position
• Selectable counterbalance system for payloads between 2-12kg
• Quick release, 60mm sliding camera platform with mini Euro plate mounting
• Alloy/magnesium 2-Stage telescoping tripod
• Leg angle lock for 8"-63" height range
• Spike/Rubber feet support
• 75mm ball levelling

Maximum Height:
1805 mm (71.1 in)
Mounting Standard:
75mm ball leveling
Payload Range:
2 to 12 kg
7.50 kg (16.5 lbs)
Minimum Height:
414 mm (16.3 in)
Payload Capacity:
12.00 kg (26.5 lbs)
Transport Length:
880 mm (34.6 in)


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