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This account for Abonair market segment and the product strength and capability. An explanation on its differentiation with its competitions.

FEC (Forward Error Correction) vs Bidirectional
Both WIFI and satellite technology uses push, one way transmission, and to reduce transmission error, FEC is applied. The disadvantage with FEC is it uses 50% of the transmission bandwidth for error redundancy. This means the transmission bandwidth is at most 50% efficient.

This will not impose a big issue to the folks like Visilink and BMS since it required a paid frequency band to operate. Since it is a paid license frequency, it also meant that there are recurring cost on acquiring the right to use the frequencies. As the right is also limited to country boundary, additional cost may incur when equipment is used beyond country boundary.

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Compared all Wireless choices and
learn about what you do not know
Three Things You Didn’t Know About ABonAir
Select the right Abonair

However it is an issue when FEC is applied in the overclouded WI-FI range. As this range is already overclouded, inefficient use of the bandwidth will result in higher chance of poor image received. Hence certain range bond multiple provider to support its quest for bandwidth. These models stress on its capability to bond multiple providers, Wi-Fi to gather a larger passageway for its delivery. Typically a server is required at the receiving end to manage these kind of transmission. It involve recurring cost with the service providers and may still be very unreliable in an overly clouded venue.

ABONAIR uses bidirectional transmission and the receiver will send acknowledgement to the transmitter when packet is received correctly. A 2% bandwidth is used for error request resend and receipt acknowledgement and that leave 98% of the bandwidth for transmission. Since there is transmission electronics build within the receiver, ABONAIR has on some models added additional feature like camera remote control and intercom. This can only be done with an additional set of transmitter and receiver on other brands.

Diversity vs MIMO
Diversity technology was develop in the early days to overcome certain deficiency in radio wave like signal cancellation due to reflected wave etc. This method, select the best signal strength receive out of 2 antenna.
New development in antenna technology has founded MIMO which aggregate all signals received by multiple antennas. This way higher signal strength can be achieved.

Delay in wireless video system is typically caused by the encoding and decoding process. In order to reduce the bandwidth requirement, video are compressed for better use of the available channel. This process also allow for resending in case receiver require. Low or almost no delay can be achieve if the video is push as it comes and that require higher a bigger bandwidth for successful transmission. There is no opportunity for retransmission since there is no memory of video after transmission.

Typical delay for such compression is 45 m second and industry acceptable standard is 90 m second.

ABONAIR employ a larger engine and operate a multiple slice compression to achieve the compression in 7 m second. This newly develop technology is found in its latest 5xx model. By slicing a frame of video into multiple slice and compressing the multiple slice at the same time with an overpowered engine, the frame can be compressed in a much shorter time.

Pricing and Feature Differentiation

Brand Teradek, IDX, Amimon, LiveU etc ABONAIR Vislink, BMS, SVP, etc
Price Up to USD9000 USD10K to USD45K USD89K upward
Feature Operate in Wifi technology which is single direction with FEC. Uncompressed video hence low delay. Operate in the license free 4.8Ghz to 5.8Ghz microwave link using Telecom technology which is bidirectional Operate in licensed microwave range typically above 6Ghz using satellite technology which is single direction with FEC.
Latency 1ms or 120 ms 7ms to 90 ms 45ms to 90 ms
Antenna Diversity or MIMO Diversity or MIMO Diversity

The Challenges of Live Broadcast

  • Live broadcasts require

  • Flexibility (no cables)

  • Simplicity (easy setup)

  • Originality (unique shooting angles)

Unique Selling Points

  • ABonAir's system is based on robust and reliable technology

  • Bi-directional link for zero errors and total availability

  • Allows the system to acknowledge acceptance of each pixel transmitted

  • Quick and easy setup

  • Price competitive

  • Robustness: A bi-directional link between the transmitter and receiver guarantees reliable transmission

  • Automatic set up: teams can start transmission within 1 minute.

  • Integrated Intercom kit: Intercom on the same video frequency; range of up to 2.5 Km.

  • Embedded CCU: Sony, Panasonic, Grass Valley and Ikegami.

  • FCE: Fiber connection between receiver and antennas

  • Unlicensed frequencies: Utilizing free spectrum minimizes cost

Robust and Reliable

  • Robust OFDM microwave link

  • H.264 compression at broadcast quality (42dB PSNR)

  • Ensures high picture quality and range

  • Range up to 2.5Km

  • Low delay

  • Low power consumption

  • Unique algorithms to merge video and wireless technologies

  • Deliver superior video quality, robustness and stability

Bi-Directional Technology
  • Zero errors, accurate pictures and total availability
  • Bi-directional link between transmitter and receiver
  • Allows the system to acknowledge the correct acceptance of each pixel
  • Full duplex radio also enables automatic system configuration
  • Automatic frequency selection
  • Frequency hopping when encountering interferences
  • Ensures robust link performance
  • Additional features available on Full-Duplex data channel
  • CCU, Tally, Intercom

Bi-Directional Link

  • Increased system performance
  • Both the transmitter and the receiver can send/receive control information to each other.
  • Re-transmit enables acknowledgment on each pixel transmitted
  • Zero errors, accurate pictures and total availability
  • Full duplex also enables automatic system configuration based on changing environment condition to ensure robust link performance.

Integrated Intercom

  • Integrated intercom on the same radio channel
  • Allows the same transmission range for Intercom and video
  • In ABonAir systems the range is up to 2.5 Km with full intercom support
  • Simple set up: One system, one set up!
  • No need to carry additional equipment for Intercom support
  • Low cost:No need to purchase extra equipment to support Intercom

Easy Setup

  • Quick and easy set-up
  • No confusing buttons or complicated setup
  • No selection menus
  • No frequency selection
  • Does not require Internet setup
  • Automatic configurations – the system selects optimal bitrate, frequency, encoding rate, video mode and performs frequency hopping (to avoid interferences)
  • Allows you to focus on your production and not to worry about the wireless link
  • All you have to do is switch the power-on button
  • Start broadcasting within 60 seconds


Re-transmit Algorithm

  • (Real-time error detection and correction)
  • Re-transmit algorithm increases channel capacity by almost 2x fold in the same radio conditions.
  • FEC* uses redundancy of 25%-100%.
  • Typical BER in OFDM systems is 1%
  • Not Knowing where and when the 1% errors are, forces FEC on all the data.

ABonAir's Solution:
- Full-Duplex Data System with packet acknowledgement mechanism to identify errors and fix them quickly, even before the frame is present
*Forward Error Correction (FEC) or channel coding is a technique used for controlling errors in data transmission over unreliable or noisy communication channels

Adaptive Bitrate + Variable-CBR Algorithm
Wireless link throughput is not consistent and is affected by distance, movement of Tx/Rx, external interferences, changing medium (trees, rain, walls), etc.


  • Simple coverage solution for remotely-located antennas / receiver
  • Extended and improved coverage zones
  • Easy wireless deployment
  • Multi venue coverage with one receiver
  • Usage of the existing fiber infrastructure
  • Full featured system
  • including CCU, Tally & integrated Intercom

Unlicensed Frequency
No need to purchase expensive frequency licenses from the regulator
Enables even smaller productions to go wireless, easily and free of charge

To summarize

  • ABonAir's Wireless broadcast transmission:
  • New possibilities to create better content
  • Exceptionally robust and reliable wireless link
  • Bi-directional link enables zero errors
  • Quick and easy: automatic set-up
  • Integrated Intercom and embedded CCU
  • FCE: Simple coverage solution for remotely-located antennas / receiver
  • AB400: Better coverage and link stability
  • Strong global presence
  • Price-competitive

Selection of References

  • 2014 FIFA World Cup, Brazil
  • San Antonio, TX (University) – Football
  • El-Paso, Tx - BaseBall Stadium
  • Texas Motor Speedway – Race Track
  • Nebraska University -Football, Basketball and Baseball fields
  • Kansas University - Football Stadium, and Basketball court
  • City of Denver - Red Rocks & The Denver Coliseum - Live-Events
  • MotorCycle Race Track & Bicycling - Norway
  • Live Events and House of Worship - Nigeria
  • Broadcast Services – rental - UK
  • Survival Production (reality show) – Rental Production company, France
  • Virginia Tech University - Football
  • Florida Panthers Stadium – Ice Hockey
  • Arizona Video Productions – Live event
  • RaceTech – Sports, Australia
  • Virtual Spectator – Cricket and Golf / Sports, Australia
  • MotoGP Motor Race, Austalia


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