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Three Things You Didn’t Know About ABonAir
1. What is unique about ABonAir?
ABonAir designs and markets wireless broadcast transmitters for professional camera and production teams worldwide.
ABonAir systems transmit video content from cameras to OB-vans or broadcast stations using microwave technology.
ABonAir systems are unique in three key areas

Robust & 100% reliable wireless systems for HD cameras. ABonAir’s OFDM radio provides professional broadcasters with particularly robust and reliable video transmission
Bi-directional zero error technology. Structured around a unique bi-directional link between cameras transmitters to receivers, superior to anything in the current market, the system acknowledges the acceptance of each packet of pixels and therefore guarantees 100% accurate pictures.
Completely automated setup and an absence of confusing buttons or selection menus allow the camera team be on-theair
within 60 seconds.
2. How different is ABonAir system from its competitive solutions?
Microwave broadcast transmitters offer either professional systems at very high cost, or low-priced products that compromise on quality. At the high end, OFDM/COFDMbased solutions cost in the range of $25K - $60K and are available in licensed frequencies. These are geared to large broadcast ne tworks able to  afford them (CNN, NBC, FOX, etc.). At the low end, wireless video links over cellular networks encounter the problem of cell congestion and interferences, and video links over WiFi compromise on picture quality, stability and crowded frequencies. Both Cellular and WiFi-based technologies offer low cost solutions
but do not satisfy professional users’ requirements.
ABonAir identified this disparity, realizing that many small channels and production teams need to wirelessly transmit video content professionally at affordable prices. ABonAir’s revolutionary wireless broadcast transmitters were created to cut system cost dramatically (to around $7K to $20K per system), while maintaining exceptionally high-end performance. The systems are based on a robust OFDM technology and utilize the unlicensed frequencies of 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz. This makes the purchase of expensive frequencies unnecessary and allows even smaller productions to use wireless links easily and free of charge.
Unlike high-end OFDM unidirectional systems, ABonAir’s OFDM system is built on a bidirectional link between transmitter and receiver that acknowledges acceptance of each pixel, guaranteeing zero errors, accurate images and stable transmission. The added value is that cost is strongly driven down. The exclusive bi-directional technology and its advantages clearly positions ABonAir solutions at the high end category of wireless camera products, but at a lower scale of prices.
3. Where are ABonAir systems installed?
ABonAir systems are installed in Australia, Belgium, China,
Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, Netherlands,
Poland, Russia, Singapore, Honk Kong, South Africa, USA.
ABonAir recent projects include:
• MotoGP – Motorcycle (Australia)
• San Antonio University – College Sports (USA)
• Virginia Tech University – Football (USA)
• Florida Panthers Stadium – Hockey stadium (USA)
•Southern Arizona Video Productions – Live events (USA)
• RaceTech – Race track application (Australia)
• Virtual Spectator – Cricket / Golf / Sports (Australia)
• Polish Radio – Broadcaster (Poland)
• TelVista – Broadcaster (Mexico)
• Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)
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