Crowley and Tripp "Proscenium"  Recording Microphones

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Crowley and Tripp "Proscenium" Ribbon Microphone

Product Code:
Crowley and Tripp

NOTE: The "Proscenium" Ribbon Microphone has been discontinued.

Shure acquired this product from Soundwave Research Laboratories (Crowley and Tripp) and immediately discontinued manufacturing it.

If you purchased a Soundwave Research Laboratories Inc. (Crowley and Tripp) microphone and are in need of service, please contact Shure’s Service Department at


  • Traditional warm ribbon response
  •  Figure eight polar pattern
  •  High output microphone designed for classical music applications and as stereo pairs in concert halls
  •  All new design with innovative motor unit and a rugged stainless steel housing
  •  Transformer and ribbon motor rigidly joined for lowest noise, highest output and smoothest bass
  •  Professional level electrostatic and magnetic shielding
  •  Symmetric frequency response minimizes off axis coloration
  •  Specifications of all microphone models compiled by an independent laboratory
  •  Hand built in the U.S.A. by people who understand the art of transducer engineering, tuning, and performance

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