Manfrotto Video Fluid Head


Manfrotto Video Fluid Head & Tripod With Ground Level Spreader  

Manfrotto Video Fluid Head
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Manfrotto Video Fluid Head
504HD Video Fluid Head and 546GB Tripod With Ground Level Spreader

Manfrotto Video Fluid Head

Professional 504HD system combined with the ground spreader 546GB tripod. Two-stage, extremely rigid, stable system. Able to carry loads up to 7,5kg (16,5lb). The 504HD,546GBK has a die cast aluminium crown with a built-in 75mm bowl. The tripod's telescopic mid-level spreader helps set leg angles accurately. Leg locks are secure and reliable, and spiked feet with rubber overshoes are provided for solid grounding on both uneven terrain and smooth floors. The tripod can be used with various dollies and comes with a mid-level spreader and rubber feet. Equipped with bag.
Product Code: 504HD546GBK
Manfotto 504HD Video Fluid Head and 546GB Tripod With Ground Level Spreader 504HD, 546GBK
Up to 4kg
Up to 6kg
Up to 9kg
504HD Head
535 Tripod
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546B Tripod
546GB Tripod
Up to 10kg
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  Sachtler Ace system
504HD, 546GBK Features

▲ Industry Standard 75mm Bowl Interface
The 546B features an aluminum top casting with a built-in 75mm half bowl, allowing it to be used with Manfrotto professional 75mm half-ball video heads.

▲ Redesigned Adjustable Leg Lock System For improved Performance
The 546GBK's aluminum twin-strut legs feature adjustable locking levers that can be tension-set to guarantee complete locking power even after years of use and wear. Lever runs left to right to lock and unlock tripod legs. Newly redesigned upper and lower collars provide the tripod with greater torsion rigidity and payload (44 pounds), improving the overall shooting performance.

▲ Ground-Level Spreader
The 546GBK's telescopic ground-level spreader helps set leg angles accurately and improves rigidity.

▲ Tandem High Tensile Tubular Aluminum Legs

▲ Twin Spiked Metal Feet With Removable Rubber Shoes
The 546GBK comes with quick on-off rubber shoes for better grip on smooth floors.

504HD, 546GBK Specifications
Max Height cm  171.0 cm
Max Height cm (w/centre column down) -
Min Height cm  46.5 cm
Weight kg  6.3 kg
Max Load kg  9 kg

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