Pro Camcorder Video Kit

Pro Camcorder Video Kit- Up to 10Kgs

Manfrotto Tripods System

Pro Camcorder Video Kit
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Pro Camcorder Video Kit
Loading Capacity Head Tripod
10 kg Pro Camcorder Video Kit
Pro Camcorder Video Kit
Up to 4kg
Up to 6kg
Up to 9kg
Up to 10kg
516 Head
545B Tripod
545GB Tripod
519 Head
535 Tripod
Up to 16kg
Sachtler Ace
Manfrotto Pro Camcorder Video Kit ( With 516/519 Head ) /Tripods Configuration / Selection

516 Pro Video Head

Pro Camcorder Video Kit

Specifically designed for the latest DV camcorders used by documentary and industrial videographers.The 516 head is very compact and light but can support cameras up to 10 kg. The 516 is a cost effective high performance head equipped with fluid cartridges that provide continuous adjustable drag control. This system gives quite a wide range of friction control down to 'zero drag' and operates on both pan and tilt axis. Other important features of the head are: separate tilt and pan locking mechanism; a fixed counter balance spring of 7.5 kg load capacity at a centre of gravity of 125mm; two telescopic pan handles; a bubble level. The head has been designed so it can be mounted on a flat base tripod with a 3/8'' female thread attachment or by attaching the ART 500BALL to the head base, allowing it to fit a 100mm bowl.

519 Pro Fluid Video Head

Pro Camcorder Video Kit

It's a fact, not all cameras weigh the same. Some mini DV cameras may weigh only a 1kg while professional grade DV cameras can weigh up to of 10 kg. Professionals have as many equipment options as they do shooting styles, utilising a wide range of different cameras including MINI DV, DVCAM, HD, ENG. When using numerous accessories, many of these setups can quickly overload video heads above the maximum recommended weight. Understanding the problem that professional videographers face, Manfrotto has developed the 519, a compact, yet heavy duty fluid video head capable of accommodating a counterbalance payload from 1.5 kg up to 9kg. This is a revolutionary breakthrough from Manfrotto, as the 519 will be the only video head on the market encompassing both interchangeable and adjustable counter-balance springs. Combining both features will allow videographers to easily interchange a vast array of cameras of various weights as well as quickly fine-tune the perfect balance point of whatever camera being used, all with just one head! In addition, fluid drag is easily controlled with a large click-stop numbered knob in seven increments. Drag can be adjusted from the highest possible setting to nearly zero drag, allowing for the finest control through 360° pan and +90° to -90° tilt.

Head 516 Head

519 Head

Tripod 545B Tripod 545GB Tripod 535 Tripod
  Pro Camcorder Video Kit
Product Code: 516, 545BK
Pro Camcorder Video Kit
Product Code: 516, 545GBK
Pro Camcorder Video Kit
Product Code: 519, 535K
  Manfrotto 516 Pro Fluid Head and 545B Aluminum Pro Video Tripod Manfrotto 516 Pro Fluid Head and 545GB Aluminum Pro Video Tripod Manfrotto 519 Pro Video Head and 535 Carbon Fiber Tripod
Max Height cm  166.5 cm  170.5 cm  186.0 cm
Max Height cm
(w/centre column down)
- - -
Min Height cm  42.5 cm  45.0 cm  43.0 cm
Weight kg  5.5 kg  5.5 kg  5.2 kg
Max Load kg  10 kg  10 kg  10 kg

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