Manfrotto Video Fluid Head


Manfrotto Video Fluid Head & MPRO Carbon Fiber Tripod  

Manfrotto Video Fluid Head
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Manfrotto Video Fluid Head
504HD Video Fluid Head and 536 MPRO Carbon Fiber Tripod

Manfrotto Video Fluid Head

Professional 504HD MPRO system combined with the carbon fiber 536 tripod. A torsion rigidity superior to that of an equivalent aluminium twin-strut tripod means that an MPRO system offers better protection against ''backlash'' effects at the end of pan movements. Special carbon fiber tubing and magnesium castings also bring notable weight savings to the MPRO range, making them easy to carry and transport. Another feature worth pointing out is that MPRO range also offer incredibly versatile and speedy height adjustment anywhere, without needing any accessories, from 40cm (15.7in) to 217cm (85in)…all from a single system. Ideal for new DSLR-Video cameras
Product Code: 504HD536K
Manfotto 504HD Video Fluid Head and 536 MPRO Carbon Fiber Tripod 504HD, 536K
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  Sachtler Ace system
504HD, 536K Features

▲ Newly Designed Leg Angle Selector
The MPRO 536 tripod features a new leg angle selector, developed for quick, easy and precise leg angle adjustments.

▲ Carbon Fiber Leg Sections With Magnesium Castings
The best tripod is still the one you bring along. Lightweight tripods have not only become a mainstay, they are now a requisite for digital photographers. The trick is to lose weight and maintain maximum support without sacrificing stability, rigidity and reliability. The MPRO 536 is manufactured with the world's most advanced high-performance materials: 100% carbon fiber tubes and magnesium die castings. Manfrotto's carbon fiber tubing is popular among outdoor photographers because it's light in weight, but also more rigid and supports heavier loads than aluminum -- giving it a double advantage. Lightweight magnesium is used for die-cast parts. Magnesium has a 35% lower density than aluminum. Despite its lower weight, magnesium is more rigid than aluminum, and has the same strength per volume.

▲ Improved Quick-Action Leg Locks
Quick-action leg locks allow you to quickly and quietly set the tripod into position. The ergonomics of the quick action leg locks has been greatly improved.

▲ Industry Standard 75mm and 100mm Bowl Interface
The screw-in 75mm / 100mm bowl adaptor will hold both varieties of industry standard half-ball heads.

▲ All Terrain Retractable Spiked Metal Feet
Rubber feet with retractable metal spikes help make the versatile MPRO 536 easy-to-use whether shooting inside or outdoors. Use the 536 outdoors with the spike extended for better grip on soft terrain such as moss and plants, or indoors with the rubber foot covering the spike to avoid damaging floors and to provide stable non-slip support.

504HD, 536K Specifications
Max Height cm  217.5 cm
Max Height cm (w/centre column down) -
Min Height cm  40.0 cm
Weight kg  6.1 kg
Max Load kg  9 kg

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