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Manfrotto Pro Video Head & Carbon Fiber MDeVe Tripod

Manfrotto Pro Video Head
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Manfrotto Pro Video Head
501HDV Pro Video Head and 755CX3 Carbon Fiber MDeVe Tripod

Manfrotto Pro Video Head

Video kit with 501HDV professional video head and 755CX3 Carbon Fiber MDeVe Tripod. Taking its inspiration from our top professional video head models, the 501HDV features a fixed counterbalance spring set for a typical weight of camera + accessories of 5.5 lbs (2.5kg) that helps ensure both smoother tilt movements and greater equipment safety even when tilt locks are inadvertently left off. The easy-to-reach on/off switch allows the counterbalance system to be disengaged or re-engaged for different filming setups. With its improved design, the 501HDV head offers more ergonomics with locks and knobs that allow a more solid grip and better fingertip control. 3-Section, 75mm. Replacing the popular Manfrotto 755MF3 Tripod, the Manfrotto 755CX3 Carbon Fiber MDeVe Tripod tripod features a perfect combination of low weight and high load capacity materials and provides high performance with an extremely compact and lightweight structure. The 755CX3 has an aluminum center column, carbon fiber legs and castings of magnesium and aluminum. It is a two-stage tripod supplied with quick release leg locking levers, asymmetric leg angle presets and, most significantly, Manfrotto's patent-pending, rapid center column with built-in leveling half ball. The fact that the 50mm diameter ball with bubble spirit level is attached not to the tripod top spider but to the top of the center column allows you to level the top plate (and consequently the head and camera) and even adjust the camera height without needing to make micro adjustments to the tripod legs, representing timesaving and added convenience.
Product Code: 501HDV755CX3
Manfotto 501HDV Pro Video Head and 755CX3 Carbon Fiber MDeVe Tripod 501HDV,755CX3
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501HDV, 755CX3 Features

Carbon Fiber Leg Sections With Magnesium Castings
The best tripod is still the one you bring along. Lightweight tripods have not only become a mainstay, they are now a requisite for digital photographers. The trick is to lose weight and maintain maximum support without sacrificing stability, rigidity and reliability. The 755CX3 is one of the most innovative tripods of the MDEVE series due to the combination of low weight (carbon fiber for the legs/magnesium die casting) and high load capacity materials used for its construction.

Removable Center Column With Built-in 50mm Leveling Ball and Bubble Spirit Level
The 755CX3 has a removable center column with built-in 50 mm leveling ball and bubble spirit level that can easily be repositioned as a lateral arm. Not only does this allow the camera to be offset from the leg position, it is also the simplest possible way to shoot a subject from directly overhead. Center column with built-in 50mm half ball is locked using the rotating grip located at the bottom of the center column.

Built-in Leveling System
The 755CX3's unique center column construction and precision-machined red anodized aluminum allows the leveling ball to be locked by a detachable rotating grip built at the bottom of the center column. This allows the camera operator to level the camera and even adjust its height without needing to make micro adjustments to each individual tripod leg.

Four Different Leg Angle Settings
The Manfrotto 755CX3 Carbon Fiber MDeVe Tripod offers tall and lightweight carbon fiber legs with four different leg angle options to achieve lower heights. The new angle selector levers have been designed to improve ergonomics.

▲Rubber Feet

New Ergonomic Rapid-Action Lever Leg Locks
Quick-action leg locks allow you to quickly and quietly set the tripod into position. The new ergonomic leg locking levers have been completely redesigned to improve functionality. They are much easier to operate and have become a seamless element of the tripod.

Three-Layered Rounded 100% Full Carbon Tubes For Legs
The 755CX3's legs incorporate the new three-layered rounded 100% Full Carbon Tubes for improved rigidity and lightness.

▲Secure-Locking Mountings
Tripod to head connection via a platform with 3/8" male thread, built-in spirit level and three grub screws for secure locking mountings.

501HDV, 755CX3 Specifications
Max Height cm  175.5 cm
Max Height cm (w/centre column down)  150.5 cm
Min Height cm  58.0 cm
Weight kg  3.53 kg
Max Load kg  5.4 kg

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