Roland VC-1-DMX Video Lighting Converter

Roland VC-1-DMX

Roland VC-1-DMX Video Lighting Converter

Product Code: VC-1-DMX

Roaldn VC-1-DMX
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• Automatically generates dynamic lighting effects
• Real-time analysis and lightning-fast processing
• Analog audio also supported with stereo I/O
• Customize DMX settings with dedicated software

The Roland VC-1-DMX automatically generates control commands for your DMX lighting setup based on input from video and audio sources, eliminating the need for a dedicated lighting operator. Color and brightness change based on the current video image, and lights and mirror balls operate in sync with the music tempo. If you want to dive deeper, the VC-1-DMX supports external MIDI operation from hardware control surfaces, electronic musical instruments, and computer-based production software.

Version 2.1 Expanded Audio and Video Control

The VC-1-DMX Version 2.1 update introduces powerful enhancements for more lighting control, including a new Color Enhance function. Audio Link and Audio Input Sensitivity functions have also been added, allowing you to elevate presentations by synchronizing the lighting brightness with the audio input level.

True Synchronized Lighting Made Easy

Connect video, audio, and MIDI sources to the VC-1-DMX for automatic conversion and distribution to all your DMX gear. It’s even possible to daisy-chain multiple lighting devices and control them at once. Four-channel maps are available via dip switches to control 512 DMX signal channels, and you can customize them all from a computer using the VC-1-DMX Setup Tool.

Advanced Video Analysis

HDMI video signals* are analyzed in up to 32 color areas and converted into luminance information for each color. You can then assign the colors to DMX channels for synchronized control. For example, if the video image is divided horizontally into eight segments and assigned to eight DMX lighting devices lined up horizontally, the lighting will track the horizontal movement of the video image perfectly. *HDCP compliant.

Lighting That Moves with the Music

The VC-1-DMX also analyzes sound information received at the HDMI and analog audio inputs. Add flash effects along with the beat, change the rotation speed of a mirror ball or other device to match the music tempo, or automatically turn off the lights when there is no sound. A powerful 15-band audio filter added with Version 2.0 allows you to set lighting controls to specific audio frequency ranges for deep synchronization between the lights and music. Using the VC-1-DMX Setup Tool, you can define the bandwidth and gain level of each band for precise command of your DMX rig.

Go Further with MIDI Control

If you want extended control over your system, the VC-1-DMX has you covered with integrated MIDI-to-DMX conversion. Connect a hardware MIDI controller and use MIDI control change messages to adjust a variety of DMX parameters such as global dimming, tilt, pan, and more. Or use MIDI note information from keyboards, electronic drums, and other instruments to create lighting effects that follow live music performances. USB MIDI is also supported, allowing you to control your DMX setup from lighting or music production software on your computer.

Customize Your Rig

Using the VC-1-DMX Setup Tool software for macOS and Windows, you can quickly configure the VC-1-DMX for all your DMX lighting hardware. Freely change assignments across 512 DMX channels to match the control needs of your specific gear and easily share settings with multiple VC-1-DMX units.

Input Connector HDMI IN connector : HDMI type A
* HDCP Supported
* Multi-format Supported
Output Connector HDMI THRU connector : HDMI type A
Video Formats 480/59.94i, 576/50i, 480/59.94p, 576/50p, 720/59.94p,
720/50p, 1080/59.94i, 1080/50i, 1080/59.94p, 1080/50p,
VGA (640 x 480/60 Hz), SVGA (800 x 600/60 Hz), XGA (1024 x 768/60 Hz),
HD (1280 x 720/60 Hz), WXGA (1280 x 800/60 Hz), SXGA (1280 x 1024/60 Hz),
FWXGA (1366 x 768/ 60 Hz), SXGA+ (1400 x 1050/60 Hz),
UXGA (1600 x 1200/60 Hz), FHD (1920 x 1080/60 Hz)
* The refresh rate is the maximum value of each resolution.
* Conforms to CEA-861-E, VESA DMT Version 1.0 Revision 11.
Input Connectors AUDIO IN jacks : RCA phono type
HDMI IN connector : HDMI type A
Output Connectors AUDIO OUT jacks : RCA phono type
HDMI THRU connector : HDMI type A
Digital Audio Format Linear PCM, 48 kHz, 24 bits, stereo
Audio Processing Sample rate : 48 kHz, 24 bits
Nominal Input Level AUDIO IN jacks : -10 dBu (Maximum input level : +8 dBu)
Nominal Output Level AUDIO OUT jacks : -10 dBu (Maximum input level : +8 dBu)
Input Impedance AUDIO IN jacks : 15 k ohms
Output Impedance AUDIO OUT jacks : 1 k ohms
Output Connectors DMX OUT 3 pin jack : XLR type (3 pins)
DMX OUT 5 pin jack : XLR type (5 pins)
DMX channel 512 channels (1 universe)
Control Terminal MIDI IN jack
USB port
Switches SETTING switch : 8 terminals
Indicator POWER indicator
Functions Video Synchronized Lighting Control
Audio Synchronized Lighting Control
MIDI Synchronized Lighting Control
Lighting Speed Control
HDMI Audio De-embedder
Power Supply AC Adaptor
Current Draw 1,000 mA
Current Consumption 5.7 W
Operation Temperature +0 to +40 degrees Celsius
+32 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit
Dimensions 180 (W) x 115 (D) x 41 (H) mm
7-1/8 (W) x 4-9/16 (D) x 1-5/8 (H) inches
Weight (excluding AC adaptor) 570 g
1 lb 5 oz
Accessories Leaflet "USING THE UNIT SAFELY"
Owner's Manual
AC Adaptor
Plug Holder
Rubber Feet

Roland VC-1-DMX Video Lighting Converter Review

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