Azden IRB-10c Infrared Wireless Transmitter

Azden IRB-10C

Infrared Wireless Bodypack Transmitter

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 Azden IRB-10c Infrared Wireless Bodypack Transmitter

Azden IRB-10c Infrared Wireless Transmitter
Product Code: IRB10c
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The IRB-10c battery-powered body-pack provides hands-free mobility and features a unique clip-on emitter that attaches to the speaker's clothing or can be neck-worn with the supplied lanyard. Frequency selection is accomplished using a small hidden switch. The top-mounted ON/OFF switch powers the body-pack and activates the Power LED. A metal belt-clip keeps the IRB-10 firmly in place. There is an microphone built into the emitter and the batteries can be charged while in the unit (only us Azden's IHR-3U NiMH).

Technical Specs:
Sub-carrier frequencies: 2.06MHz & 2.56MHz switchable
Modulation: FM
Audio distortion: <1.0%(±40kHz deviation@1kHz)
Built-in mic: uni-directional electret
Mic gain adjustment: Max to -50dB
Battery type: 2-"AA" alkaline (2 x 1.5V)
2-"AA NiMH (2 x 1.2V) -use IHR-3U ONLY
Battery life:
100mA drain)> 15 hours w/alkaline-low power mode
160mA drain)> 10 hours w/alkaline-high power mode
Size: 3.94"H x 2.52"W x 1.06"D (100 x 64 x 27mm)
Weight (bodypack): 4.65oz (132g) - (w/alkaline batteries)
Weight (clip-on emitter):1.34oz (38g)
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