Sachtler Tripod ENG 75/ 2 D HD

Sachtler ENG 75/2 D HD

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 Sachtler ENG 75/2 D HD Tripod upporting a very wide payload range up to 35kg/77.2lbs

Upgrade your FSB tripod system with the brand new ENG 75/2 D HD tripod. Supporting a very wide payload range up to 35kg/77.2lbs, the Sachtler ENG 75/2 D HD guarantees precise camera operation. The 75 mm bowl tripod offers operators the most robust and durable option providing the ease of use and quick set up vital for all ENG applications.

The new aluminum tripod weighs just 3.1 kg/6.8 lbs, optional as ground and mid spreader versions, and incorporates premium Sachtler features such as easy and accessible controls and the high torsional stiffness required to deliver the ultimate professional performance for broadcasters. The tripod is the ideal companion for Sachtler's renowned range of FSB fluid heads, notably the FSB 6 and FSB 8, designed for all users of DSLR and HDV camcorders.

Tobias Keuthen, Sachtler's Global Brand Manager, said: "Even faced with extreme conditions in ENG applications, our tripods are extremely resilient and break-proof. Each tripod has been designed for ease of use so camera operators can go from using the tripod to shooting from the shoulder in a matter of seconds. This new ENG 75/2 D HD tripod allows trouble-free shooting in every environment with improved features that will provide all the control and flexibility required to deliver a best-in-class Sachtler performance."

Technical Data
Weight : 3.1 kg
Payload : 0-35 kg
Material : Aluminium
Height range : 56 - 147/ 155 cm
Head fitting : 75 mm
Transport length : 69 cm
2 stages


Sachtler Tripod ENG 75/2 D HD
Product Code: Sachtler S2034-0001


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