Sachtler System Ace L TT 75/2 CF 1013

Sachtler System Ace L TT 75/2 CF

Sachtler Ace 1013

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 Sachtler System Ace L TT 75/2 CF is ideally suited for small HDV camcorders and video-enabled DSLR cameras

Sachtler Ace L TT 75/2 CF - With Telescopic Spreader
Ace This tripod system is ideally suited for small HDV camcorders and video-enabled DSLR cameras. With a payload range of 0 to 4 kilograms (0 to 8.8 lbs), a 5-step counterbalance and the new patented SA dragTM, the new Ace tripod system enables a genuine Sachtler broadcast feel.

Due to its lightweight and compact design it is the perfect companion for work on the go whether you are working on low-budget documentaries, electronic news-gathering (ENG), weddings events and training videos or a secondary unit.

The new patented SA-dragTM system has three horizontal and three vertical steps. Ace uses three capsuled damping modules allowing you to choose a drag setting that suits any shooting situation - from a very tight control with lots of resistance to a very loose control with virtually no resistance at all. This technique gives, for the first time in this price segment, a constant and repeatable drag that professionals need and have always relied on, with Sachtlers' broadcast and cine heads.

For camera-set-ups up to 6 kilograms, Sachtler developed the Ace L MS CF, Ace L GS CF and Ace L TT 75/2 CF tripod systems. They offer a 7-step counterbalance and - thanks to their carbon fiber tripods which are extremely lightweight and provide high torsional stiffness - are universally applicable in their class. They are also the lightest among the Sachtler tripod systems. For the ultimate convenience, these systems are equipped with an illuminated bubble level. Weighing just 3.9 kilograms the Sachtler Ace L MS CF is the lightest of these systems. The Ace L TT 75/2 CF system comes with a 3-section telescopic extension and offers the largest height range of the Sachtler Ace tripod systems. On even ground the Ace L TT 75/2 CF provides optimum results.



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Sachtler Ace L TT 75/2 CF 1013
Product Code: Sachtler ACE L TT 75/2 CF
• New patented SA-dragTM mechanism (Synchronized Actuated Drag)
• Long sliding range of camera plate
• Parking position for spare camera screws (1/4" and 3/8")
• Several counterbalance steps for precise balancing
• Fiber glass reinforced composite fluid head
• Scale on camera platform

 Technical and systems specification
Code 1013
Name System Ace L TT 75/2 CF
Payload 0 - 6 kg / 0 - 13.2 lbs
Payload tripod 20 kg / 44lbs
Material tripod carbon fiber
Weight (without bag) 4,1 kg / 9.0 lbs
Bag 1.1 kg / 2.5 lbs
Height min. 43 cm / 16.9 in
Height max. 186 cm / 73.2 in
Transport length 89 cm / 35.0 in
Temperature range -30° / +60°C, -22° / +140°F
Spreader telescopic
Footpads footpads with retractable spikes
Extension telescopic 2-Stage
Fluid Head Ace L
Balance plate / sliding range 104 mm / 4.1 in
Counterbalance 7 steps + 0
Drag 3 steps vertical and 3 horizontal, + 0
Temperature range -30°/+60°C -22°/+140°F
Tilt range +90 to -75°
Bowl 75 mm
Leveling illuminated bubble
Pan bar 1, fixed, Type Ace
Housing material glass fiber reinforced composite
Camera plate Ace plate (slide in)
Camera platform with scale, parking position for spare camera screws
Bag padded bag Ace with carrying strap and handles

Sachtler Ace 75/2 CF Carbon Fiber Tripod