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Includes a pelican case, video streaming server, wireless router, directional antenna, Proxy Recording License, 3/8" Mount with Included 8' C-Stand, and power cable.
Price does not include iPad.

Rugged, Mobile, & Ready for Use
The Teradek Case is a rugged turnkey VTR system in a box that enhances the video assist capabilities of Teradek encoders. Case was designed for plug and play convenience and comes with a pre-configured Apple Mac Mini and Airport Extreme Base Station, which are housed in a genuine Pelican case. Each unit ships with an 8 ft light stand that lets you lift the unit to increase wireless coverage up to 1000 ft.

Create Instant Replays or Dailies on the Go
With the Teradek Case, instant replays on an iPad are as simple as pressing Start and Stop. Case is preconfigured with a Cube Proxy Recording License that enables any HD-SDI equipped camera to wirelessly record H.264 compressed files to a Mac Mini Server. When combined with Light Iron's Live Play software, the Teradek Case provides a seamless reviewing experience for sports teams and cinema sets alike.

Live Monitoring on Multiple Devices
What makes Case such a great video assist tool is its ability to stream a live Teradek encoder feed to up to 20 iPads simultaneously, which gives you the ability to share each take with clients, production personnel, and other interested parties at very low latency. To view the stream, each device needs to connect to Case’s wireless network and launch Teradek’s free TeraCentral application, which will automatically discover Cube or Brik’s video feed.

In addition to streaming to mobile devices, Case supports up to two encoders and decoders for streaming your content back to field monitors in video village or to any other video display device with an HD-SDI or HDMI input.

TeraCentral is a free application that enables iPads, iPhones, and other devices to discover, configure, and play video from Teradek encoders. TeraCentral also helps you take advantage of your live video by allowing you to zoom in/out, take snapshots, save custom RTSP URL streams, and auto-play your last viewed feed when you launch the application.

 Key Features:
· Supports up to 20 iPads
· Proxy Recording Ready
· Built-in Streaming Server
· 3/8" Mount with Included 8' C-Stand
· Water and Dust Resistant when closed
· Shock Resistant internal mounting
· Includes compartments with secure mounting for 4 Cubes and 1 iPad

Case is made up of 6 key components:
1. One to four Cube encoders and/or decoders, depending on the bundle model, with the required proxy recording and streaming licenses included.
2. A state of the art wireless access point that is preconfigured for optimal wireless video streaming performance.
3. A hardened travel case with a convenient external mounting point and C-stand to allow Case to easily mount up to 9ft high, ensuring line of sight between your transmitter and receiver.
4. Video streaming server based on Apple's Quicktime Streaming Server, which optimally reflects the stream from a single Cube to dozens of decoder clients (e.g. iPads) without overloading Cube's resources.
5. A proxy recording file server pre-configured allowing users to automatically and wirelessly record "instant dailies" on the Mac Mini, used for instant playback or post production within seconds of calling "Cut!"
6. A collaborative on set review system - LightIron's LivePlay Server, which allows crew on set to annotate each take with customizable comments, flexible reporting and output options.*


 Technical Specifications
INTERFACES Dual Band WiFi: Internal 802.11a/b/g/n
10/100/1000base-T Ethernet (RJ-45 connector)
POWER Power Input: 100-240Vac, 50-60Hz. IEC-320
Nominal Power Consumption: 110W
PHYSICAL Dimensions: 17.75”W x 11.4”D x 4.2”H
Weight: 15 lbs
ENVIRONMENTAL Temperature: 10° to +35° C
Humidity: 5% - 95% non condensing



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