CL-1 Keyboard and Remote Control Interface

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Sound Devices CL-1 Keyboard and Remote Control Interface
CL-1 Keyboard and Remote Control Interface for 7-Series Recorders
The CL-1 Interface is a flexible accessory used to interface external keyboards to Sound Devices 7-series audio recorders (702, 702T, 722, 744T and 788T / 788T-SSD). By connecting a standard PS-2 keyboard to the CL-1 all button and menu functions on the recorder can be keyboard-controlled. One obvious benefit is the ability to type scene and take names directly on the keyboard for maximum speed and convenience.
A toggle switch is available as a convenient record start/stop control. Contact closures on the CL-1 can be programmed for numerous remote roll and remote playback functions.
All control and setup of the CL-1 is performed in the 7-Series recorder setup menu.

The CL-1 is a hardware accessory for 7-Series recorders. External alphanumeric keyboards (PS/2 type) and switch contacts (GPI) connect to the CL-1 and their actions are programmed
within the 7-Series recorder setup menu. The CL-1 is powered by the 7-Series through the C. Link port on the recorder.

How to Use
• Connect the CL-1 to the 7-Series C. Link input connection using the included C. Link cable.
• Program the keyboard and switch contact behavior from the 7-Series setup menu (complete documentation for CL-1 control is included in user guide of the 702, 702T, 722, and 744T).

Product Code:SDCL1

Key Features of CL-1
• Toggle switch controls record start/stop
• LED to indicate record and power status
• Programmable TTL logic closure control for remoting switches long distances
• Powered by the 7-series recorder
• Single cable connection between CL-1 and recorders
Specifications of CL-1
• Includes 6-inch C.Link Cable
• Filter dimensions 1.25” x 2” x 2” (H x W x D)
• Removable terminal block connector for the 6 programmable pins (pins 1 through 6)
• Pin-7 is common ground
• Pin-8 provides +5 V, 100 mA to power LED’s
• The maximum cable length between CL-1 and recorder is 20 feet