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 9.Soluions Barracuda Clamp

9.Solutions Barracuda Clamp
Product Code: 9.VB5080
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Barracuda Clamp is the first rate clamp which provides more flexibility and variation than any other clamps. It can be modified to bear any kind of objects such as round, square, or flat. It is able to open completely as well as hold tightly with its extensive strength. It has developed with special mouth design that helps to hold all kind of objects without any support. Barracuda Clamp comes with genuine snap-in socket which helps to lock down while a pin is inserted, enables to hold the equipment in one hand.
9 Solutions Barracuda Clamp9 Solutions Barracuda Clamp  
• No friction in clamping mechanism while opening and closing
• Stronger clamping force
• Fits with all super clamp adapters and studs
• Snap-in socket locks down on 5/8" pins when inserted
• 0-60mm mouth opening
• Kipp lever for tight spaces
Weight: 550 g
Clamping Range: 0-60mm
Max Load: 20 kg
Connection(s): (1x) 5/8" Receptacle
(1x) 3/8"-16 Female Thread
(1x) 1/4"-20 Female Thread
(2x) M6 (6mm) Female Thread
(4x) M5 (5mm) Female Thread
(1x) Anchor Point for Cable or Rope


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