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  • BBS lighting provides high-end in LED Lighting and its features includes interchangeable Phosphor Technology and LED Retrofit Light Engines. BBS Lighting products are cost-effective and provide high quality in lighting which can be used in television, theatre, documentary and film production.

    BBS Pipeline Reflect System
    Due to the popularity of our color-accurate (3200°K, 4300°K, or 5600°K) remote phosphor LED Pipeline lighting, the BB&S engineering team has devised a new system based on the 1” cylindrical linear Pipes. Pipeline Reflect incorporates a new range of superior quality reflectors offering optimal control, and light dispersion spanning a 90° degree angle with practically no spill. Plus, the new Reflect System offers double the foot-candle output of the Pipes alone. And like all BB&S fixtures, the versatile Pipeline Reflect features offer strobe capability, especially when used with the optional BB&S 4-Way Controller.
  • BBS Force V LED
    BBS Lighting Force V LED
    Force V LED is high powerful LED light from BBS Lighting and convert existing optics to LED in a minute.
  • BBS Lighting K7 LED Ball
    BBS Lighting K7
    K7 made for compact installation, easy focusing and great light.It’s easy to focus, takes up very little space.
  • BBS Lighting LEDHEIMER
    BBS Lighting LEDHEIMER 2
    Ledhiemer can be used for backlighting in televisions, exhibitions and expos where a powerful source is needed.
  • BBS Lighting ALEDIN-AR
    BBS Lighitng ALEDIN-AR
    Aledin-AR LED provides powerful backend light which designed for mounting in Arri ST 1.
  • BBS Lighting ALEDIN-2
    BBS Lighting ALEDIN-2
    Aledin-2 is the successor of Aledin-AR which is flicker-free in dimming and can be used for high speed video lighting.

Accessories for lighting Clamp, Grip, Mount


Perfect Color Rendering 1’ to 8’ long

The Reflect System utilizes the same 95 TLCI color-accurate rendering remote phosphor 1-inch/25mm diameter LED Pipes that Pipeline is known for. Available standard in lengths from 1’ to 8’, Reflect housings are made of rigid, polished aluminum with a contoured base, 1.5” high sidewalls and a 2” wide opening. Smart engineering compresses the angle of illumination to double the output, compared to Pipes used alone.

Studio Hero
Reflect fixtures, are available in 1’, 2’, 3’, 4’, 6’, and 8’ lengths. They are ideal for studio grids, or anchor desks for a clean up light on talent. Set designers will appreciate that the housings are black for a clean looking installation.

Easy Mounting
Another benefit is the Reflect housing’s easy mounting capability. A built-in speed rail-type solution allows for mounting onto grids. They can be placed side-by-side or end-to-end using a range of accessories.

Variety of Control Options
Made for customization, Reflect units feature a 3-pin XLR plug to allow the user to control the electronic configuration. For plug and play, fixtures may be operated via the BB&S 4-way Controller (has four 40W channels), with optional wireless DMX/RDM control or built-in DMX 512 in/out (all function). All Pipes run off 48V for precise dimming.

Pipeline 10W, 20W, 30W and 40W manually controlled Driver Dimmers are available with 3-pin XLR to plug into Reflect fixtures so they can be powered by optional 20W or 65W power supplies or used with 14.4VDC batteries.

Clean and Easy Mounting
Controllers can be wall or ceiling mounted. The 3-Pin XLR mounted within the fixture results in a cleaner installation.

Upcoming Accessories
Barn doors, grid accessories, and optional removable gel filters will be available soon.

• Variety of lengths: 1’, 2’, 3’, 4’, 6’, 8’
• Perfect rendering 95 TLCI Remote Phosphor Pipes
• Choice of 3200°K, 4300°K or 5600°K
• 90-degree angle dispersion
• Minimized Spill
• Robust aluminum housing
• Twice the output as Pipes without Reflect Housing
• Easy mounting and compatibility with a full range of accessories
• Optional battery operation
• Compatible with BB&S 4-way Controller with DMX/RDM 512 in/out (all function)
• Strobe capability, especially when used with optional BB&S 4-Way Controller
• 48V for precise dimming
Optional Accessories
BBS Lighting LED Lights
BBS LED Pipeline Free LED Modular System
BBS LED Pipeline Raw LED Modular System
BBS LED Pipeline 4 Bank LED Modular System
BBS LED Remote Phosphor 2" 2 Bank System
BBS LED Remote Phosphor 3" 4 Bank System
BBS LED Remote Phosphor 4" 4 Bank System
BBS LED Pipeline Reporter Kit
BBS FLYER ENG Pole Light Kit
BBS AREA 48 LED Lighting Fixture with Interchangeable Phosphor Panels
BBS Force V LED Light Engine
BBS K7 Magnetic LED Ball
BBS LEDHEIMER 2 Multipurpose Beam Light
BBS LEDHEIMER 2 X QUAD Multipurpose Beam Light
BBS LEDONARDO 1 310/11 LED Retrofit Light Engine for De Sisti Fresnel
BBS LEDONARDO 2 320/21 LED Retrofit Light Engine for De Sisti Fresnel
BBS ALEDIN-AR LED Retrofit Light Engine for ARRI ST1 Fresnels
BBS ALEDIN-2 LED Retrofit Light Engine for Juliat 600 Series Zoom Spots
BBS Pipeline Free 4" Phosphor Remote Kit
BBS Pipeline Free 8" Phosphor Remote Kit

Litepanels LED Lights
Litepanels SolaENG_Flight Kit
Litepanels Sola 4 Daylight LED Fresnel
Litepanels Croma Bi-color On-Camera LED
Litepanels Hilio Tungsten Hi-Output LED panel
Litepanels Inca 4 Tungsten LED Fresnel
Litepanels Inca 6 Tungsten LED Fresnel
Litepanels Inca 12 Tungsten LED Fresnel
Litepanels Luma Compact LED Light
Litepanels SolaENG Daylight LED Fresnel
Litepanels Sola6 Daylight
Litepanels Sola12 Daylight LED Fresnel

Socanland LED Lights
Digital Bi-Color Lights
Socanland D-50TD Digital Bi-Color Light
Socanland D-50CTD Digital Bi-Color Light
Socanland D-100TD Digital Bi-Color Light
Socanland D-100CTD Digital Bi-Color Light

Bi-color Lights
Socanland 50TD Bi-color light
Socanland 50CTD Bi-color light
Socanland 100TD Bi-color light
Socanland 100CTD Bi-color light

Bi-focus Lights
Socanland F-50T Bi-focus light
Socanland F-50D Bi-focus light
Socanland F-50CT Bi-focus light
Socanland F-50CD Bi-focus light
Socanland F-100T Bi-focus light
Socanland F-100D Bi-focus light
Socanland F-100CT Bi-focus light

Single Color Lights
Socanland 50CD Single color light
Socanland 50CT Single color light
Socanland 50D Single color light
Socanland 50T Single color light
Socanland 100T Single color light
Socanland 100D Single color light
Socanland 100CT Single color light
Socanland 100CD Single color light

LED On-Camera Lights
Socanland D-20TD LED On-Camera Light
Socanland 10TD LED On-Camera Light

Visio Light
Visio Light LED Lights
Visio Light Minima LED Light
Visio Light Pasolite 100M LED Light
Visio Light ZOOM 6 LED Light
Visio Light Minima 30 LED Light
Visio Light ZOOM 200 / ZOOM 350 LED Light

Visio Light Fluorescent Lights
Visio Light S Series Fluorescent Light
Visio Light L Series Fluorescent Light
Visio Light P Series Fluorescent Light
Visio Light RedHead Quartz Halogen Light