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Sennheiser SKM135

Dynamic cardioid microphone. THe SKM 135 G2 hand-held transmitter features nine frequency banks with four directly accessible presets. Autoscan for simple and secure frequency selection. 1440 frequencies within a 36MHz switching bandwidth for greater tuning flexibility. Robust metal construction for durability. Pilot tone squelch. Transmitter battery status telemetry. Audio signal metering on transmitter LCD display. External charging contacts. "Low Battery" indicator. Frequency response: 40 - 18000 Hz.


Sennheiser SKM145

The Sennheiser SKM 145 handheld transmitter is ideal for use with Sennheiser Evolution 100 series compatible receivers, the EM 100 G2 and EK 100 G2.
The SKM 145 G2 handheld transmitter features a super-cardioid dynamic head, 9 frequency banks with 4 frequency presets each for direct channel selection and immediate use. The super-cardioid pick up pattern reduces feedback often caused by stage monitors and speakers.
A great feature of the Evolution range is the ability to expand the systems uses and power. There are many additional microphones, bodypack cable convertors and signal boosters available for you to get the right microphone with the right power for your performance.
Importantly, this UHF, diversity transmitter uses band E: Range 830 - 866 MHz, so you will always have a frequency available throughout Europe (except Greece) without requiring any licence.

Sennheiser SKM165


The Sennheiser SKM 165 G2 Handheld Condenser Mic Transmitter has excellent feedback rejection and wide dynamic range making it ideal for live stage work.
The Sennheiser SKM 165 G2 handheld transmitter with an electret condenser capsule features nine frequency banks each with four directly accessible presets – ready for immediate use.
  • Handheld Condenser Mic Transmitter
  • Super-cardioid pattern
  • 1440 tunable UHF frequencies for interference-free reception
  • Absolutely reliable transmission and extended range due to high RF output power
  • Rugged metal housing
  • Low Battery indicator
  • Mute function




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