P4M Four Channel Personal Monitor Mixer

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P4M Four Channel Personal Monitor Mixer

Product Code: p4m

The P4M is a highly versatile four-channel, two-bus stereo mic/line mixer designed to optimize use of personal (in-ear) monitors like the Shure PSM 400 in live performance. The P4M features four balanced mic/line inputs, each with level and panning controls. Corresponding XLR split outputs allow input signals to pass through the unit unaffected, while providing an independent mix.

Personal Stereo Monitors
When coupled with personal monitors, the P4M allows performers the ability to adjust personal mix levels onstage - even during a performance - without affecting the front-of-house system. This enables users to create and maintain consistent monitor mixes, regardless of what the venue can provide for monitors. The P4M is available individually for use with Shure PSM 600 and PSM 700 Personal Monitor Systems; or packaged with the PSM 400 Hardwired and Wireless Performance Packs.

Installed Sound Systems
The P4M can also be used as a small "piggyback" mixer in applications such as houses of worship, or courtrooms. The unit acts as a console bypass when a permanent installation of a large, operator-controlled mixing console may require just a few microphones for smaller events. This allows the user easy access and control of up to four signals without having to utilize the larger console. Given its dual-bus output capabilities, the P4M can also serve as a "two zone" mixer, routing any combination of mic or line-level signals to two different zones.

More Than Four Inputs
The P4M has a pair of 1/4-inch auxiliary inputs that can be used to add channels from other sources. For example, multiple P4M mixers can be linked together to increase the number of inputs. In addition, sources not present in the original mix - such as a click track for live percussion - may be included via the auxiliary inputs.

  • Measurement Conditions (unless otherwise specified): Full gain; 1 kHz, one channel activated; >source impedances: Mic 150 ohms, Aux Level 150 ohms; terminations: Line 600 ohms.
  • Frequency Response: (Ref 1 kHz, controls centered) 20 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 2 dB
  • Input Specifications
  •   Input
    1-4 (front panel) Aux In
    Gain (Maximum) 43 dB 0 dB
    Impedance (at 1 kHz) 5800 ohms 18 kilohm (each)
    9100 ohms (1/L mono)
    Input Clipping Level +12 dBV +12 dBV
    Crosstalk -100 dB -90 dB
    Common Mode Rejection > 75 dB > 70 dB

  • Output Specifications
  •   Output
    Split 1-4 Mix Out
    Impedance N/A 500 ohm (unbalanced)
    1 kilohm (balanced
    Output Clipping Level N/A +5 dBV (10 kilohm balanced
    load, -30 dBV input ch. 1-4)
    Noise (100 Hz to 22 kHz) -110 dBV -100 dBV (all controls CCW)
    -62 dBV (all controls CW)
    Distortion (THD) at 1 kHz .0005% <.05% (0 dBV output)
    Crosstalk -100 dB -70 dB
  • LEDs: Resultant Mix Out Level:
  • Green: -30 dBV
  • Yellow: -10 dBV
  • Red: 0 dBV
  • Current: 120 mA max.
  • Power Requirements:
  • Operating voltage 14- 18 Vdc
  • Supplied with one of the following external power supplies:
    Model PS40: 120 Vac, 60 Hz input
    Model PS40E, Model PS40UK: 230 Vac, 50/60 Hz input
  • NOTE: Courtesy DC connector is protected from short by a self resetting "Polyfuse". Maximum recommended load is 250mA. (2 P4Ms or 1 P4T.)
  • Phantom Power: The P4M does not produce phantom power, but phantom power is allowed to pass through Split Outputs 1- 4 to inputs 1- 4 respectively.
  • Audio Polarity:
  • All outputs in polarity with all inputs.
  • XLR Pin 2 is "hot" with respect to Pin 3; Pin 1 is ground.
  • 1/4" TRS tip is "hot" with respect to ring; sleeve is ground.
  • Temperature Range: Operating: -7 degrees to 49 degrees C (20 degrees to 120 degrees F)Storage: -29 degrees to 74 degrees C (-20 degrees to 165 degrees F)
  • Overall Dimensions: 44 mm H x 218 mm W x 162 mm D (1.72 x 8.60 x 6.37 inches)
  • Net Weight: 1.20 Kg (2 lbs, 10 oz)

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