GoPro Karma Drone Compact, ultra portable design.

GoPro Karma Capture amazingly smooth footage in the air, handheld or mounted to your favorite gear.

Product Code: KARMA


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GoPro Karma More than a drone.
Capture amazingly smooth footage in the air, handheld or mounted to your favorite gear.

Ultra Compact
Karma goes with you. It folds into its own lightweight, compact case that's comfortable to wear during any activity.

Easy to Fly
Never flown a drone before? New pilots will fly with confidence while seasoned pros will enjoy Karma's performance.

Take your friends for a ride.
The GoPro Passenger™ App lets friends view your flight and control your GoPro while you fly.

Karma Drone
Compact, ultra portable design.

Karma folds into its own lightweight, compact case that's comfortable to wear during any activity. Pack it, take it, and when you're ready to fly, unfold, attach the propellers and go.

Made to keep you flying.
Each replacement arm comes with the tools you need to do the job yourself. With optional GoPro Care coverage, you'll even get them free of charge.

Ultra Smooth Aerial Footage
Capture breathtaking shake-free footage from the air. Karma's removable stabilizer delivers the smooth look of a professional production.

Flying safe is good karma.
Built-in No-Fly Zones keep you from flying into restricted areas. If you need to bring Karma back, simply hit the Land button and the drone will automatically return to you.

Karma Controller
Easy-to-use, game-style flight and camera control

The Karma Controller is simple and smart. Even if you've never flown before, you can easily control the Karma Drone1 and your GoPro at the same time.

1GoPro account required for flight.

Touch Display:
Made for the great outdoors.

The Karma Controller touch display is designed for improved visibility outdoors. It delivers a real-time, ultra bright, first-person view of what Karma sees during flight.

Karma Case
On-the-go storage, plus a built-in shoulder mount for the Karma Grip.

Weather-Resistant Protection
The semi-rigid shell helps keep the pack light, while guarding against rain, snow and bumps.

Carry Karma while capturing your journey.
Attach Karma Grip to the case's shoulder strap for immersive, stabilized POV footage. It also keeps the grip within easy reach and ready for action.

Made to travel.
Worn as a backpack or tucked into an overhead bin, the pack makes it easy to take Karma anywhere.

GoPro Karma Drone Review

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Better Product
By Felix Young, 30th Sept 2016

GoPro Karma Drone vs DJI Mavic Pro Drone, which one is better?

Official GoPro Hero5 Black and Session Launch
By Kevin Lim, 1st Oct 2016

On the official launch event for GoPro Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session on 30th Sept 2016 at KF1 Karting Circuit, Singapore, the Hyped GoPro Karma Drone was unveiled as well on the introductory presentation for GoPro Hero 5 Black and Session. Regrettably, the Karma drone will only be available late in the year. The GoPro Hero5 Black camera need to be purchased separately in order to shoot 4K video and take RAW and JPEG images in the air. This will inevitable add weight and size to the drone.

Karma Touch Screen
By Tony Tan, 1st Oct 2016

The Karma has a large 5.5-inch 720p touch screen which is ideal for live video streaming. I like it as it works like the handheld gaming devices.

GoPro Quik App
By Chee Ming, 1st Oct 2016

Users can access GoPro Quik app and subscribe to GoPro Plus service to edit and share their GoPro footage from anywhere. This is very tempting to the GoPro diehard fans who've gone all-in on GoPro cameras and accessories over the last decade.

Additional Feature
By Jimmy Jetho, 2nd Oct 2016

It will be ideal for Drone Novice like me if it equips with the obstacle avoidance systems so that I will not crash the drone.

By Terence Lim 2nd Oct 2016

I am glad that the Karma drone works with older Hero4 Camera so that I don't need to spend money on the newest Hero5 camera. GoPro is famous for its exhaustive ecosystem of accessories and I will choose the Karma Drone over DJI Mavic Pro.