Clear-com FL7 Call Signal Flasher

Clear-com FL-7

Clear-com FL-7 Call Signal Flasher

Product Code: FL7

Clear-Com FL-7

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Provides visual and/or audible indication of a call signal
LED design with dimmer
Front panel mode switch selects flasher, ring or both
Control both tone volume and light brightness

Clear-com FL-7 Call Signal Flasher

Clear-com  FL-7 Call Signal Flasher connects to any Clear-Com or compatible intercom system, providing both a visual and an audible indication of a call signal on the intercom channel. The flasher emits a bright red strobe light twice a second in response to a call.

The FL-7 also provides a ringing tone similar to a telephone. The level of this tone is adjustable. A front panel mode switch allows the user to choose among three operations: flasher only, ring only or both flasher and ring. The FL-7 is especially useful in higher noise environments or in situations where the operator must leave the vicinity of the intercom station to do other tasks.

• Call signaling with bright red strobe light
• Adjustable audible tone
• Selector switch for ring tone, flasher, or both
• Connects to any channel with standard mic cable
• Low current draw, powered by the intercom line
• Rugged metal case, for either desktop or wall-mount use

Flash Rate
2 times/sec

Flasher Lens
2.5in diameter red

Rear Panel Connectors
One each XLR-3F and XLR-3M

Power Requirements
Input Voltage: 20-30V DC
Input Current: (idle) <= 10mA
Input Current: (max) <= 90mA

Front Panel Controls & Indicators
Brightness Control Three-way switch for flash and tone Tone level control Speaker

32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)

2.5 x 4 x 5.0in (WxHxD)
(63 x 101 x 127mm)

0.91lbs (0.415kg)

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