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Atomos Ninja HDD/SSD Portable Recorder


Product Code : ATOMNJA001 
Please Refer to New Model Ninja-2

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The Ninja by-passes in-camera compression to record your pristine, uncompressed images straight from the HDMI connector of your DSLR or camcorder directly to Apple ProRes – while you’re recording!

Now there’s no need for capture cards or I/O boxes – Final Cut Pro users can just go straight from lens to timeline!

The Ninja is designed to sit silently on or near the camera or camera operator, so it’s small, light yet tough. Made from lightweight, high-grade aluminium, the connectors, storage and batteries are all easily accessible. Line level audio provides higher quality audio than most cameras offer, and the 1/4” headphone out allows for audio monitoring level adjustment. We included a LANC loop too to ensure that the Ninja can be operated remotely


Post Production Quality, 10-bit Recording
The Ninja implements Apple ProRes in hardware to give you real-time, 10-bit recording anytime, anywhere. It takes advantage of low-cost, modern technology by utilising HDMI-capable pro-video and consumer camcorders as well as DSLRs. Record directly to the Ninja on location in super high quality, for the most streamlined, affordable Final Cut Pro workflow available today.

Low-Cost, High-Capacity Storage
Using flash memory (CF, SD, SDHC) may be ok for stills photography, but it’s just not there yet for serious high-definition video production. The professional alternatives – SxS, P2 – are too prohibitively priced to just ‘record and forget’. Atomos goal was to reduce the cost of recording media so drastically that digital media production could be achieved on a traditional tape-based cost model.

The Ninja uses ordinary, low-cost 2.5” Notebook HDD or SSD hard drives. These are housed securely inside the Atomos Master Caddy, which locks inside the Ninja. The drives are hot-swappable, which means inserting new drives on the fly is a snap.

Using tried and tested storage guarantees performance and reliability. A 750GB/5400rpm drive holds 8 hours of high quality Apple ProRes footage and costs just €90! Spinning HDDs are for everyday use, in normal conditions, while solid-state SSDs can be used in more rugged locations.

Continuous, Hot-Swappable Power
Powering video devices on location or away from studio environments can be a problem. We decided that two batteries were better than one and designed a unique Active/Passive Dual Battery system that means you need never run out of juice on a shoot. When the active battery is depleted, Ninja automatically switches to the fully-charged passive battery. You can simply swap batteries on the fly without affecting operation, and we include two batteries with every Ninja!

A Pipeline To Your Timeline
The Ninja’s tight Apple ProRes integration means recorded footage is instantly and natively editable in Final Cut Pro. No need to waste time transcoding or converting from other camera formats. We use standard computer connections – FireWire 800, USB 2/3 or e-SATA – to give you total flexibility when connecting to your MacBook, iMac or MacPro. Simply insert your Master Caddy into the Master caddyDock provided and you are editing instantly. You can also, of course, transfer the footage to your central SAN or LAN.

Record and Store
Keep your pristine footage in the Master Caddy on the shelf for archiving after production. The drives are cheap, the format is high quality and the original recording will always be there for peace of mind. Before Ninja, storing your rushes on the original digital media was unthinkable, now it’s a no-brainer.

Simple Operation. Rugged, Portable Design (Ninja + Master Caddy)
The Ninja is simple to use, rugged and portable. There are no fiddly buttons, just a crisp, high-resolution touch screen monitor. Ninja has just FOUR main functions: Record, Stop, Monitor and Play. That’s about as simple as it can get! The user interface is designed for one-touch operation with every function clearly visible and accessible.

Dimensions 112(W)x83(H)x40(D)mm
Power Operating Power : approx 6.8W (screen on)
Operating Power : approx 6.3W (screen off)
Batteries 2x Small Battery Packs            31.7 Wh 4.5 hrs recording
2x Medium Battery Packs        63.4 Wh 9 hrs recording
2x Large Battery Packs           126.7 Wh 18 hrs recording
Automatic and manual switchover of battery for continuous operation
Colour 16:9 TFT
Touch Screen
Size: 4.3” diagonal
Resolution: 480x270 resolution
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Native / 4:3 Letterbox
Video Input HDMI Uncompressed
Supported Formats HD 1080i59.94, 1080i50, 1080p24, 1080p23.98,
720p59.94, 720p50, SD 480i, 576i
Recording Formats Recording Time HDD SSD
300GB 500GB 750GB 128GB 256GB
all video input formats supported
Audio input HDMI 2 Channel or 6 Channel Embedded
Line In 2 Channel Line Level Audio. Analog gain adjustment
Audio Output 2 Channel 0.5W Balanced Headphone or Line level output.
LANC LANC In and Out for integration with Camera LANC and Accessories
LANC Controller feature
LANC Loop feature

Master Caddy

Dimensions 74x101x12mm
Supported Storage 2.5” SSD or HDD minimum 5400rpm
Standard 9.5mm height or slimmer drive supported
Master Caddy Dock 2.5” SATA to Firewire 800, USB2/3 and e-SATA
(for SATA adapter)
Mac - All MacBook, MacPro, iMac and MacPro Models
Windows - All USB2/3 or e-Sata compatible Notebooks, and Desktops.
Note: Apple ProRes Quicktime Application required to run ProRes on
Applications Final Cut Studio – All Apple ProRes supported versions
Quicktime Mac and Windows
Accessories Universal Battery Charger 110-240V
Tripod Screw mounts and adaptors
Protective cases and Travel Bags

Optional Accessories

Articulating Arm 4 inch Articulating Arm 8 inch Hotshoe Adapter
Articulating Arm 4 inch Articulating Arm 8 inch Hotshoe Adapter
Buy Sell Sales Articulating Arm 4 inch Buy Sell Sales Articulating Arm 8 inch Buy Sell Sales Hotshoe Adapter
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