Atomos Ninja Assassin 7.1" 4K & HD HDMI ProRes/DNx Monitor Recorder

Atomos Shogun Flame allows filmmakers to shoot exactly as their eyes see without compromising on quality

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Atomos Ninja Assassin continues the Atomos smart production tool ethos and extends the legacy of of the Atomos Ninja line up in to the realms of 4K UHD. The 7.1" 320 PPI Super-Atom IPS gives 6x more viewing real estate than DSLR and Mirror-less models. In an extremely light weight 430g package the Atomos Ninja Assassin is a heavyweight of features and flexibility. Designed by Atomos from the ground up with lightweight, efficient Apple ProRes, AtomOS, Adobe/Avid, combined with the leading cameras from Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, Canon, JVC, Ikegami and Arri, Ninja your camera assassinate limitations.

Unleash your cameras HDMI
The Atomos Ninja Assassin HDMI output is the key to unleashing your camera's capability, maximizing video image quality by recording your footage directly from the cameras sensor. We then record this pristine image to Hollywood quality Apple ProRes or Avid DNx codecs. The edit ready video files created by Ninja Assassin are visually lossless with each frame being captured in full resolution just like film!

Assassinate MPEG Poor Quality
Bypass the highly compressed internal MPEG / h.264 camera compression increasing color resolution (with 4:2:2 color sampling) and color accuracy with 10 bit color (1 Billions Colors) in all recordings.

4K Recording at HD Prices
Harness the power of 2.5" computer storage media, reducing cost and increasing capacity and reliability, making 4K the same cost as affordable HD today. 4K recording onto 1TB delivers an amazing 3 hours of ProRes 422 HQ @ 25 fps. HD recording onto even more affordable HDD's, 1TB delivers 10 hours of ProRes 422 HQ @ 25 fps. Atomos have teamed up with the major HDD and SSD names in the world to ensure availability and reliability you know and trust.

Professional shot setup you can trust
Atomos Ninja Assassin provides a range of easy to use professional monitoring tools which include Focus Peaking Assist, 1:1 & 2:1 Zoom with silky smooth image pan & scan , False Color (skin tones), Zebra and Waveform/Vector Scopes for in-depth image analysis. Out of the box the display is colour calibrated to REC709 standard and is capable of delivering 100% of sRGB and has a full 1080P resolution with over 320 Pixels per square inch. Shot set up with waveform and vector means accurate color and white balance every time.

Simply Smarter Production
Atomos Ninja Assassin puts a wealth of smart production tools in your arsenal that's designed to allow you to:
Go back in time with Pre-Roll, up to 8 seconds of HD or 2-3 seconds of 4K so you'll never miss that shot, Video Time-lapse gives enormous creative license with up to 10 different sequences, speed ramp and scheduled start and end times over 24 hrs.

Use anamorphic de-squeeze, the perfect companion for Panasonic's Anamorphic and those affordable anamorphic lenses.

4K to HD down convert gives you all the benefits of 4K content with the ability to deliver to existing HD environment, including projects, TV and Signage.

3DLUT's allow you to create a specific signature look or even recreate classic film stock instantly, with 50/50 3D/Normal split view, you can compare effects and make creative decisions on the fly.

An additional 3.5mm analog audio input allows connectivity from analog mixers or microphones locked frame accurately to your video.

Pipeline to your Timeline
Atomos Ninja Assassin increase the speed of your end to end workflow, allowing more time for creativity. Make edit decisions on the fly and in review with a choice of 10 tags. You can start to mark clips while you record and then Review, cut and tag in playback mode. You can even create a play list of your favorite clips and instantly review the action with clients both on the Ninja Assassin, and out to a 4K or HD big screen TV/Monitor. Marked in and out points are carried right through to your edit in your favorite NLE. Whether you are Mac or PC, Apple, Avid or Adobe, we support you.

Atomos Ninja Assassin unleashes the potential of your camera by assassinating it's limitations - no camera is safe from Atomos.

Increased Video Quality :
Bypass the internal camera compression to achieve increased color accuracy in Professional Edit friendly Codecs
Hollywood Quality :
Visually lossless compression in a format that is designed to be edited
Video Analysis Tools :
Visualize the dynamic range, protect high / low lights with Professional Waveforms, LUMA & RGB parade and Vector scope for monitoring white balance and color hue
No Record Time Limit :
Recording externally to the camera puts an end to the traditional 30min recording barrier on DSLR and Mirrorless cameras
Focus Assist :
Focus and Exposure assist tools with 1:1 and 2:1 Zoom for 4K
4k to HD Down-convert :
Record your clips in 4k and play them out in HD for use on existing equipment such as TVs, Monitors and Projectors
7" Super Atom IPS Monitor :
Class leading Color accurate monitor with over six times the average viewing area of a DSLR and life time accurate colors with calibration
Apply & Preview LUT :
Preview and apply LUTs for more creative shooting and simple grades or Film Stock looks, upgrade your own anytime, anywhere!

Target Cameras
Perfect for HDMI only 4K

- Sony A7RII
- Sony A7S
- Panasonic GH4/ GH4 V-Log
- Canon XC-10
- Samsung NX1
- FS7 / FS700 over HDMI

Perfect for 1080p60 DSLR's
- Nikon D810
- Nikon DS4
- Lower end HD only camcorders

How can we prepare together?
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- Accessories page
- Camera bundles - A7RII, A7S, GH4 bundles
- Premium web listings
- Catalogue announcement

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Price has changed
By Richard on1 /2/2016
The Price has been revised downward from USD 1295 to USD 995, is that true ?
If yes, I may consider to get one. Please update me soon. With this changes will the Power station will be given free as well.

** Admin** on 2/2 2016

Yes, Richard you are right, this took place yesterday we will revise our price accordingly. But the promotion for Free Power station has already expired. We hope to see you soon