Yamaha CL1 Digital Mixing Console

Yamaha CL-1

Digital Mixing Console

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 Yamaha CL1 Digital Mixing Console with Multiple User Key Sets

Yamaha CL1 Digital Mixing Console
Product Code: CL1
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Yamaha CL series digital mixing consoles represent a new level of refinement. They offer an evolved experience in accessible mixing, plus sonic purity with sound shaping capabilities that will give the most imaginative engineer unprecedented creative freedom. The CL series embodies the leading standards in live sound in their most advanced, most expressive form.

Centralogic at the Heart of an Evolved Interface
Yamaha’s Centralogic user interface has already proven its value as the most user-friendly digital operating environment available, even for engineers who were previously only comfortable with analog consoles. Founded solidly on Centralogic roots, the CL series takes intuitive, efficient operation to an even higher level, offering an operating experience that engineers will not only feel immediately familiar with, but will be able to grow with into the future.
Yamaha CL1 Overview – Analog Style Intimacy
Clear visual continuity from the Centralogic section’s physical faders to virtual on-screen controls via the console’s elegantly curved panel matches the unambiguous directness of analog console channel modules. Any of the console’s input and output channels can be instantly assigned to the Centralogic section in 8-channel groups.
Yamaha CL1 Selected Channel – Another Industry Standard from Yamaha
The Selected Channel display provides a comprehensive view of the many controls and functions available for the currently selected channel. The corresponding physical controllers to the left of the display are labeled and laid out in the same way as the on-screen controls, for confident access and operation. The CL series includes a number of refinements to this now-standard interface for unprecedented operating ease.
Yamaha CL1 Newly Designed Faders
No detail of form or function has been overlooked, right down to how the curvature of the elegant fader knobs comfortably fit the fingers at any angle. The fader knobs even have non-slip inserts that provide ideal friction for smooth, slip-free fades. Visibility is important too, so the knob edges are sculpted to provide a clear view of the fader scale from just about any angle.
Yamaha CL1 Editable Channel Names and Colors
Editable channel name displays above each fader automatically switch to a larger character size for short names, and show pan and fader values as well. Below each channel name display is a color bar that illuminates in any of eight selectable colors, the same as those used in the central touch screen, for at-a-glance channel and group identification. Brightness can be adjusted for optimum visibility under any ambient lighting conditions.
Yamaha CL1 Direct Access to the Parameters You Need
The User Defined Keys provided on Yamaha digital consoles are already a standard. The User Defined Knobs provided on the CL series consoles will quickly achieve the same status. Just about any of the console’s variable parameters can be assigned to the four User Defined Knobs for direct, instant access. Another advanced control feature is Custom Fader Bank selection, allowing the faders in each section to be instantly reordered as required.
Dante for Fast, Flexible Networking
The complexity and variety of today’s live sound systems makes fast, adaptable configuration and setup capability vital. Of course the highest level of sonic performance must be maintained at the same time. CL series consoles use the Dante network protocol developed by Audinate to allow flexible connection to multiple I/O rack units configured and located according to the needs of the application, while at the same time providing redundancy for superior reliability.
Yamaha CL1 Simple Setup
The ability to set up even complex systems quickly and easily is another benefit of Dante networking. In most cases devices on the network are recognized and set up automatically. And since patching operations that usually require a separate computer can be carried out directly from the CL console, changes to the initial setup are painless as well.
Yamaha CL1 Redundancy for Reliability
Dante also makes it easy to maximize system reliability. Star networks allow the use of redundant primary and secondary lines for each device, for the utmost reliability in critical applications. With this type of setup a malfunction in a cable or other network component won’t bring the whole system down. The show will go on.
Full Integration of FOH and Monitor Control
Multiple CL series consoles can share control of the same I/O rack unit, allowing unprecedented system flexibility and efficient use of system resources. A new Gain Compensation function adds the ability to combine FOH and monitor control via a single network, for comprehensive digital live sound integration.

Yamaha CL1
Yamaha CL1 Digital Gain Control
Gain compensation applied after any initial analog gain levels are set is carried out entirely in the digital domain. Digital gain control is another original CL series feature that contributes to extraordinarily smooth, efficient operation and integration of the entire system.
Yamaha CL1 300 Scene Memories
Up to 300 complete console setups can be stored as “scenes” and instantly recalled whenever needed. Recall Safe, Focus, and Preview functions are also provided.
Yamaha CL1 Versatile Input and Output Delays
Up to 1000 ms delay on input channels facilitates precise microphone phase compensation, while up to 1000 ms delay on the output ports is useful for speaker distance compensation and room tuning.
Yamaha CL1 Ample EQ and Dynamics Processing
All channels feature 4-band parametric EQ and two dynamics processors (one dynamic processor on outputs). The processors include an HPF for every input, and one also functions as a highly effective de-esser with advanced processing algorithms that also offers a bandpass mode.
Yamaha CL1 16 DCA Groups
16 DCA groups allow flexible grouping of multiple input channels for simultaneous control.
Yamaha CL1 8 Mute Groups
Multiple channels can be assigned to any of 8 mute groups for instant muting or un-muting, with a new Dimmer Level function.
Yamaha CL1 16 User Defined Keys
A large number of console functions including Sends on Fader, Tap Tempo, and Set by Sel can be assigned to 16 User Defined Keys for instant hands-on access.
Yamaha CL1 Multiple User Key Sets
Limited access to CL console functions can be provided for less experienced operators and accident prevention via multiple User Key sets that can be stored in the console itself as well as on USB memory.
Yamaha CL1 5-in/5-out GPI Interface
A 5-input/5-output GPI interface allows the CL consoles to respond to input from external switches, as well as to transmit on/off status to external devices.
Mixing Capacity Input Mixing Channels 48 mono + 8 stereo
Mix Buses 24
Matrix Buses 8 (Input to Matrix supported)
Stereo Bus 1
Mono 1
Cue 1
Local Connectors Analog Inputs 8
Analog Outputs 8
MY Slots 3
Dante I/O Primary / Secondary
Digital Out 1 (AES/EBU)
GPI 5 in / 5 out (CL V1.11 or later)
Word Clock I/O Yes
MIDI I/O In / Out
External Redundant PSU Optional PW800W
Meter Bridge Optional MBCL
Ethernet Yes
AC Inlet V-Lock Type
Scene Memory Number of Scenes 300
Recall Safe Yes
Focus Recall Yes
Fade Time Yes (0s ~ 60s)
Preview Yes (CL V1.51 or later)
Selective Load / Save Yes (CL V1.7 or later)
Tactile Control Keys Yes
Input Channel Functions Gain Compensation Yes
Digital Gain Yes (-96dB ~ +24dB)
ATT -96dB ~ 0dB
HPF 20Hz ~ 600Hz, -6 or -12dB/oct Selectable (CL V1.51 or later)
PEQ 4 Band Full PEQ
Dynamics 1 Gate / Ducking / Compressor / Expander
Dynamics 2 Compressor / Compander-H / Compander-S / De-esser
Input Delay Yes (0ms ~ 1000ms, frame delay support in CL V3.0 or later)
DCA Group 16 (Output DCA and DCA Roll-Out support in CL V2.0 or later)
MUTE Group 8
Number of Inserts 2 (CL V2.0 or later)
Direct Out Yes
Output Channel Functions PEQ 4 Band Full PEQ
Dynamics 1 Compressor / Expander / Compander-H / Compander-S
MUTE Group 8
Number of Inserts 2 (CL V2.0 or later)
Premium Rack Number of Premium Racks 8
Mountable Device RND Portico5033 / RND Portico5043 / U76 / Opt-2A / EQ-1A / Dynamic EQ / Buss Comp 369 (CL V3.0 or later)
Effect Rack Number of Effect Racks 8
Number of Effect Programs 54
Mountable Device Effect / 31BandGEQ / Flex15GEQ / 8Band PEQ (CL V3.0 or later)
GEQ Rack Number of GEQ Racks 16
Mountable Device 31BandGEQ / Flex15GEQ / Dugan Automixer (CL V3.0 or later)
Dante Number of I/O Channels 64 in / 64 out
Dante Patch from Console Yes
Recording USB Memory Recording Yes
DVS Recording Yes (DVS and Nuendo Live bundled)
Broadcast Functions 5.1 Surround Panning Yes (CL V3.0 or later)
Surround Monitor Yes (CL V3.0 or later)
Mix Minus Yes (CL V2.0 or later)
Other Functions Port to Port No
RTA Yes (CL V3.0 or later)
Output Port Delay Yes (0ms ~ 1000ms, frame delay support in CL V3.0)
Cascade Yes (via MY slots)
User Level Yes
Help File Yes (CL V1.51 or later)
Channel Link Yes
Channel Copy/Move Yes
User Interface Display 10 inch Touch Panel
Centralogic Section Yes
Faders 8 + 8+ 2
Selected Channel Encoders Gain, HPF, PEQ (controls for 4 bands), Dynamics 1/2(Threshold only), Pan, Mix/Matrix Sends
Channel Encoder Yes (for Gain, Send Level, or an assigned parameter)
Channel Name / Color Display Yes
Custom Fader Banks Yes (customized for each fader section)
User Defined Keys 16 (x 4 banks in CL V3.0 or later)
User Defined Knobs 4
Touch and Turn Knob Yes (using a User Defined Knob)
Monitor Level Knob Yes
Wooden Arm Rest Yes
iPad Stay No
Rack-mounting No
Software Editor CL Editor (Win/Mac)
StageMix CL StageMix (iPad app)
Console File Converter Yes (Win/Mac)


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