• Rycote Super-Shield Kit

  • Super-Shield Kit

    Cost-effective, Robust, Complete System for Professional

 Rycote Super-Shield Kit Cost-effective, Robust, Complete System for Professionals

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  • Rycote Super-Shield Kit
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Fast and simple system for shotgun microphones
Using Rycote’s Lyre Technology®, this clever suspension design enables the suspensions to snap in place quickly to attain the perfect position and balance for the microphone. With the included windjammer and Pistol-Grip, the system is ready to go wherever the next broadcast, sports, or news event takes you.

Super-Shield Kits
Select from three available kit sizes available to fit your microphone, or retrofit your kit with optional front pods and windjammers to adjust to fit a broad range of microphone lengths up to 300mm.

Rycote Super-Shield Kit


Small Super-Shield Kit
Weight & Dimensions Suitable for: Mics 19/25mm, up to 200mm length
Body length: 250mm
Overall Length: 350mm
Diameter: 100mm
Net Weight*: 642 gram
Microphone compatibility Oktava: MC-012, MK-012
Sanken: CS-1
Schoeps: CMC series, CMC series + CUTI
Sennheiser: ME62 K6, ME64 K6, MKH 8060
Medium Super-Shield Kit
Weight & Dimensions Suitable for: Mics 19/25mm, up to 200-250mm length
Body length: 300mm
Overall Length: 400mm
Diameter: 100mm
Net Weight*: 662 gram
Microphone compatibility Audio-Technica: AT 4073a, BP4073
DPA: 4017b, 4017c
Neumann: KMR-81i, KMR-81D
Sanken: CS-2
Schoeps: CMIT 5U
Sennheiser: MKH 416
Shure: VP82, VP895
Sony: ECM 670, ECM 678
Large Super-Shield Kit
Weight & Dimensions Suitable for: Mics 19/25mm, up to 250-300mm length
Body length: 350mm
Overall Length: 450mm
Diameter: 100mm
Net Weight*: 692 gram
Microphone compatibility RØDE: NTG-2
Sanken: CS-3e
Sennheiser: MKHE 600

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