• Rycote INV-7HG MKIII Boom Shock Mounts

  • Rycote INV-7HG MKIII

    Professional shock and handling isolation for Applications

 Rycote INV-7HG MKIII Professional shock and handling isolation for Applications

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Rycote INV-7HG MKIII Boom Shock Mounts

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Rycote’s InVision Broadcast & Film products are designed for discreet, low-profile boom mounted use in broadcast environments where full basket windshielding is not required. Professional isolation utilising Lyre suspension systems provide industry-leading shock and handling isolation for broadcast & film applications.

InVision Broadcast & Film
InVision Broadcast & Film Suspensions provide unparalleled protection against shock, vibration, and handling noise for miniature, probe, handheld, and shotgun microphones. Utilising Rycote’s exclusive Lyre technology, these virtually unbreakable shock-mounts are designed with an integral cable clamp to isolate the microphone from cable and stand-borne noise.

With several models designed for use with a vast number of microphone makes and models, InVision Broadcast & Film suspensions provide outstanding shock and handling isolation performance with microphones mounted to boom poles, as well as floor, desk, and suspended stands.

Shock Mounts for Slip-on Windshield
Rycote has designed the INV-6 HEAVY and INV-7HG MKIII shock mounts for use with slip-on windshields. Ideal for use with Super Softie, Classic-Softie and BBG Windshield models, these robust shock mounts provide excellent isolation for boom pole and stand mounting applications.

The INV-7HG MKIII is one of our most popular InVision Broadcast & Film shock mounts. Suitable for 19-34mm diameter mics, the mic clamp firmly grips the microphone close to the XLR connection to accommodate slip-on windshields and front-heavy microphones. Duo-Lyre shock mount has a soft-feel grip moulded into the clip that securely holds the microphone, preventing any slipping or twisting.



Spec Suitable for Microphones from 19 to 34mm in diameter
Ideal for Short and medium condenser, short shotgun, supports slip-on windshield
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