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    Professional shock and handling isolation for Applications

 Rycote INV-8 Professional shock and handling isolation for Applications

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Rycote INV-8 Boom Shock Mounts

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Rycote’s InVision Broadcast & Film products are designed for discreet, low-profile boom mounted use in broadcast environments where full basket windshielding is not required. Professional isolation utilising Lyre suspension systems provide industry-leading shock and handling isolation for broadcast & film applications.

InVision Broadcast & Film
InVision Broadcast & Film Suspensions provide unparalleled protection against shock, vibration, and handling noise for miniature, probe, handheld, and shotgun microphones. Utilising Rycote’s exclusive Lyre technology, these virtually unbreakable shock-mounts are designed with an integral cable clamp to isolate the microphone from cable and stand-borne noise.

With several models designed for use with a vast number of microphone makes and models, InVision Broadcast & Film suspensions provide outstanding shock and handling isolation performance with microphones mounted to boom poles, as well as floor, desk, and suspended stands.

Shock Mounts for Slip-on Windshield
Rycote has designed the INV-6 HEAVY and INV-7HG MKIII shock mounts for use with slip-on windshields. Ideal for use with Super Softie, Classic-Softie and BBG Windshield models, these robust shock mounts provide excellent isolation for boom pole and stand mounting applications.

The INV-7HG MKIII is one of our most popular InVision Broadcast & Film shock mounts. Suitable for 19-34mm diameter mics, the mic clamp firmly grips the microphone close to the XLR connection to accommodate slip-on windshields and front-heavy microphones. Duo-Lyre shock mount has a soft-feel grip moulded into the clip that securely holds the microphone, preventing any slipping or twisting.



Spec 2 x 30mm clips, with 70mm wide Lyre, mounted with 70mm (2.75") centres
Ideal for 30mm diameter condenser
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