7" Pro On-Camera Field Monitor + Color Reference Monitor

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 SmallHD DP7-PRO OLED 7" Pro On-Camera Field Monitor + Color Reference Monitor

Product Code: DP7PROOLED
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The most color accurate HD field monitor.
OLED displays have much higher color reproduction capability (”gamut”) compared to LCD displays. This gives the smallHD DP7PRO the required range to accurately display industry standard color spaces such as REC 709 for broadcast/web and DCI-P3 for digital cinema.

The smallHD DP7-PRO OLED field monitor matches the color capability of color grading monitors like the Flanders CM170.

Complete color control via 3D LUTs.
In addition to many camera specific presets for REC 709, the smallHD DP7 PRO is able to detect and display your custom 3D LUTs from any color grading application, allowing you to view a graded image in real time.
SmallHD DP7-PRO OLED A truly amazing picture.
The DP7-PRO OLED Field Monitor has great contrast and rich color. This is a result of OLED’s ability to produce “tru black” (no “glow”) and a high color gamut. Combined with the color engine of the DP7PRO, operators are able to produce the image they need (or their client wants).
SmallHD DP7-PRO OLED The X-Port factor.
The DP7 PRO High Bright and OLED Field Monitors have a discreet expansion port on the back that allows for clean, bulk-free integration with accessories such as the Paralinx Wireless Dock.
SmallHD DP7 PRO LCD Work faster with Smart Keys.
The DP7PRO Field Monitor allows operators to assign up to 24 functions to “Smart Keys” for
instant access. This prevents the need to enter the menu system, saving time & sanity.

Detailed customization of features assigned to Smart Keys is accessed with an intuitive press-and-hold operation.


Display Software Hardware
• Touch Screen
• 1280x800 HD native resolution (720P)
• OLED or “Organic LED” technology
• High Color Gamut for Rich Color Reproduction
• 8-bit color depth
• 99% Rec.709 Color Reproduction via 3D LUT
• 97% DCI-P3 Color Reproduction via 3D LUT
• 97% DCI-P3 Color Reproduction via 3D LUT
• Very deep black levels
• Low overall power draw (16 watts)
• High Contrast Ratio
• 7.7-inch diagonal display size
High Resolution Scopes
• Waveform
• Vectorscope
• YCbCr Parade
• RGB Parade
• Histogram
Focus Tools
• Focus Assist
• Peaking
• Pixel Zoom
Exposure Tools
• Zebra 1
• Zebra 2
• False Color
LUTs/3D Looks
• Log Correction (built in)
• User Loadable LUTs
Image Control Tools
• Anamorphic
• Image Capture
• Image Overlay
• Image Flip
• Apect
• Custom
• Safe
• Crosshatch
• Crosshair
• Battery Meter
• Horizon Indicator
• Color Space
• Bright/Contrast/Hue/ Saturation
• Color Balance
• Blue Only
• Color Bars
• Monochrome
• X-Port (accessory expansion port)
• Locking hirose connectors
• 8 proximity-sensing ‘smart-keys’
• Left & right scroll/click wheels
• Interface lock switch
• Full-size SD card slot
• 2-sided milled aluminum exoskeleton
• Tally indicators
• Rear molex power connector
• Five 1/4” 20 mounting points

Resolution 1280x800
Luminance 250 Nits (Will appear brighter due to high contrast)
Diagonal 7.7in
Color gamut 100%
Contrast ratio 10,000:1
Color depth 8bit
Viewing angle 80Ί/80Ί/80Ί/80Ί
Interface 2 Scroll Wheels + Touch Screen
Dimensions 7.3in x 5.1in x .9in
Weight <1.2lbs
Power consumption 10 watts
Inputs 2 x SDI(BNC)
1 x HDMI (With Lock)
1 x Composite(Hirose Breakout Cable to BNC)
1 x Power(Input voltage 10-24v DC—locking Hirose connector:4pin)
1 x Stereo line in 4-pin Hirose *future firmware
1 x Mini-USB(for Firmware updates)
1 x Battery Input(4-pin Molex connector for battery plates)
1x SD Card Slot
Outputs 1 x SDI(BNC)
1 x HDMI
1 x 1/8” Mini Head phone Output *future firmware
2 x Built-in speakers *future firmware
Sensors 4 x Proximity sensors on front (for detecting users hands for intelligent menu assist)
1 x Accelerometer (Horizon indicator)
1 x Temperature sensor (to sense internal temp of DP7 to avoid potential damage in extreme situations)
User interface 2 x Ergonomic scroll wheels in each top corner
Physical 5 rugged 1/4”20 thread points on all sides
All ports recessed for protection
2 x Tally Indicators
Signal types HDMI
x-port accessory slot No
Scopes Waveform (PIP, Full Screen)
Vectorscope (PIP, Full Screen)
RGB Parade (Full Screen)
Histogram (PIP, Full Screen)
Focus assist Intensity Adjustment
Highlight Color Select
Background: Color/B&W
Zebra 2x User selectable ranges
False color Industry-standard scales + on-screen guide
Frame guides Aspect
Color controls Yes
Color bars Yes
Blue only Yes
ui lock Yes - Physical switch
Smart keys Fully customizable
ui Help Text prompts
Signal routing / Conversion
Input -> Output HDMI In -> SDI 1, SDI 2 & HDMI Out
SDI 1 -> HDMI & SDI 2
Dual input -> output SDI & SDI
fx passthru Future Firmware
Power and Battery Options
Included with dp7 Locking Hirose 10v-28v DC connector with AC adapter
Optional power accessories Locking Hirose to 4-Pin XLR Adapter
Locking Hirose to bare wire (DIY kit)
Locking Hirose to D-Tap/P-Tap
V-Mount Battery Plate
Gold Mount Battery Plate w/on screen battery indicator


1303 HDR
1703 HDR
2403 HDR
3203 HDR

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