SmallHD FOCUS Camera-Top Monitor with Tilt Arm Daylight Viewable 5-inch Touchscreen

SmallHD FOCUS On-Camera Monitor singapore
SmallHD FOCUS Camera-Top Monitor

SmallHD FOCUS 5-inch On-Camera Monitor, 1280x720 IPS LCD with Tilt Arm

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• Daylight Viewable 5-inch Touchscreen
• 800 nits bright
• 5-inch, 1280x720 IPS LCD
• More pixels per inch than retina displays
• ideal camera-top monitor for DSLR and mirrorless camera
• Comes with cold shoe mounted Tilt Arm

The SmallHD FOCUS is sure to add instant production value for mirror-less and DSLR shooters. Its bright display, professional software tools, and convenient mounting is invaluable for shooters looking to do more with less gear.

The SmallHD FOCUS is the camera-top monitor many shooters have been waiting for. With a light and compact form factor, the FOCUS is bright enough to see and sharp enough to pull focus.
• 800 nits bright
• 5-inch, 1280x720 IPS LCD
• More pixels per inch than retina displays

Big Production Value for Small Camera Setups
The SmallHD FOCUS is an ideal camera-top monitor for DSLR and mirror-less camera shooters because the Sony L Series battery powering the monitor, can also power the camera. With a battery adapter cable, the FOCUS extends camera run-time as much as 4x, while providing a more useable display.

• Auxiliary power out to DSLR and mirror-less cameras
• Micro HDMI input with port protection
• ⅛ stereo headphone jack
• 6 watt power draw

Convenient Mounting
Every FOCUS monitor will ship with a cold shoe mounted Tilt Arm. Shooters will have a secure way to position their monitor while maintaining a low profile.

• Allows the FOCUS to tilt 180 degrees for viewing convenience
• Secure and lightweight mounting via shoe adapter or ¼” 20
• Includes a shoe mount of its own for accessories like microphones
• Ships with every FOCUS monitor

Access to Professional Features
Waveform, False Color, Focus Assist, 3D LUTs, and Pixel Zoom are just a few professional software tools at your fingertips with the SmallHD FOCUS. Thanks to an intuitive user interface smallHD calling Swipe OS, interacting and managing these powerful tools has never been easier.

Panel Type 5-Inch Touchscreen
Size Diagonal 5
Resolution 1280x720
Pixel Density (PPI) 294
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Active Area 5.0”
Brightness 800 nits
Contrast -
Color Gamut -
Color Depth 10­ bit
Viewing Angle 160 Deg.
Backlight Type Whtie LED
Adjustable Backlight Yes
Temperature Adaptive Color No
Input Signal Types/Formats
3G-SDI Not supported
HD-SDI Not supported
SD-SDI Not supported
HDMI Supports UHD-1 4K at 30/29.97 @ RGB 444 8bit, YCC 444 8bit, YCC 422 12 bit & 24/23.98 @ RGB 444 10/8 bit, YCC 444 10/8bit, YCC 422 12 bit Supports YCC 4:2:2, 8/10/12 bit color in RGB & YCC 4:4:4, 1080p60, 1080p59.94, 1080p50, 1080p30, 1080p29.97 1080p25, 1080p24, 1080p23.98,1080i120, 1080i119.88, 1080i100, 1080i60, 1080i59.94, 1080i50, 720p120, 720p119.88, 720p/100, 720p60, 720p59.94 , 720p50, 720p30, 720p29.97, 720p25, 720p24, 720p23.98, 480p59.94, 480p60, 480p100, 480p119.88, 480p120, 480p239.76, 480p240, 576p50, 576p100, 576p200, 480i59.94, 480i60, 480i119.88, 480i120, 480i239.76, 480i240, 576i50, 576i100, 576i200
Component Not Supported
Composite Not Supported
Audio HDMI & SDI
Output Signal Types/Formats
3G-SDI Not Supported
HD-SDI Not Supported
SD-SDI Not Supported
Not Supported
Component Not Supported
Composite Not Supported
Audio Stereo out (Headphones)
Connector Type
HDMI 1x Micro-HDMI Input
Component Not Supported
Composite Not Supported
Audio ⅛” Stereo mini-jack
Power In 1x Sony L-Style Battery slot
Power Out Barrel output for powering cameras via adaptor
USB 1x Micro-USB Connector
Primary Control Interface Capacitive Touchscreen
Record/Capture -
User Defined Functions N/A
RF Wireless Remote / External Control Compatible with SmallHD BTR1 Wireless Remote
USB Remote / External Control N/A
Data I/O
Storage SD Card for LUTs, Captured Images, Image Overlays, Firmware Upgrades
Wireless Compatible with SmallHD BTR1 Wireless Remote
Wifi N/A
Connector Type 1x Sony L-Style Battery slot, 1x barrel connector for powering camera
Voltage 6.0 - 8.4V
Power Consumption -
Recommended Power Supply Battery Only Device
Battery Types Sony NPF (L-Series)
Output Voltage (VDC) Mirrors Input Voltage from battery
Compliance -
Operating Temperature -
Storage Temperature -
Screen Protection -
Height 3.3" (8.38cm)
Width .75" (1.91cm)
Depth/Length 5.25" (13.34cm)
Weight (Item Only without battery) 3.75oz (106.31g)
Weight (Packaged) 4.16oz (117.93kg)