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Expandore Electronics Pte Ltd is a well reputed and preferred supplier of Professional gear. We aim to let customer to shop at safe and secure online shopping environment within our web site with great experience. We have multiple reputated well known brand product in our stable to offer the best competitive prices for a wide variety of professional video, audio, green screen, lighting and broadcasting equipment , accessories , etc to the customers and we are just one click away. Besides selling, at expandore we offer complete solution to your requirement. We have well trained team to assist in your design of studio and integration of the audio , video and lighting system, drop us a note if you need further assistance.

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Panasonic Projectors

Projectors present an efficient way to showcase media to audiences without the need for too much hardware in the form of screens, extra power connections, cables and so on. At Expandore, we have some of the most advanced projector technology available today, offering the best Panasonic DLP Laser projectors and Laser 4K projectors. Panasonic is among the most reliable electronics-producing brands in today’s market, and we have partnered with them to make their best products available to you.

Depending on your audience needs and your available equipment, we have a wide variety of top of the notch projectors for you to choose from; large venue projectors fit for large auditoriums and outdoor venues, fixed installation projectors, short-throw projectors that you can use for small audiences like in a classroom and portable projectors that will make your movement and transportation all the easier.


Panasonic Projectors
Panasonic Conference and Large Venue Projectors Panasonic Installation Projectors Panasonic Portable Projectors
Conference and Large Venue
DLP™ Projectors
Installation Projectors Portable Projectors
The world's lightest 3-chip DLP-based projectors, ideal for large meeting rooms, theaters,
museums and convention halls.

Ideal for boardrooms, classrooms and
auditoriums. The most vibrant images in
its class for both data and video.

Ranging from 3.5 to 12.8 lbs., these projectors
are light enough to move around to different locations, and bright enough to blow away
your audience when you get there.

Panasonic Home Theatre Projectors Panasonic Short Throw Projectors  
Home Theatre Projectors Short Throw Projectors  
Enjoy big-screen excitement and Hollywood picture quality in your living room. The latest advances in projector technology deliver a new level of film-like realism and impact.
Short throw projectors make it possible to create big pictures in small spaces such as small classrooms, conference rooms and trade show booths. When a standard projector is a tight squeeze, a short throw projector is just the solution!
Conference and Large Venue DLP Projector
Installation Projector
Portable Projector
Home Theatre Projector

Short Throw Projector

Other Projector


Large Venue Projectors
Our large venue Panasonic projector models are best for displaying large AVs in theatres, auditoriums, concerts, and so on. In short, the projectors are designed to project high-quality images that can be comfortably showcased for large audiences. This is made possible by the high lumen specifications of the projectors, which range from 10,000 to 31,000 lumens of brightness.

To achieve the most significant images while maintaining quality and vividness, the technology uses multiple projectors at the same time to map one large image to serve whatever audience you may have. The most impressive exhibition of the large venue projectors at work could be the circle of Light festival in Moscow, where the record was broken by showcasing the world’s largest projection image using 137 high lumen projectors.

Forget about Maintenance:
Panasonic offers superb production with minimum noise and heat as well as longer life. With whatever projector you select for your needs, whether buying or renting, you are guaranteed of 20,000 hours of use with zero maintenance. This is not just for the light source, but for the entire projector as well to ensure your functions stay at their optimum.

Below are examples of some of the large venue projector models we have at our stores. Notice their high lumen brightness that makes them suitable for large audiences.

PT-RQ32K (27000lm)
• PT-RZ31K (31000lm)
PT-RS30K (31000lm)
PT-DZ21K2 (20000lm)
PT-DW17K2 (17000lm)
PT-DS20K (20000lm)

Fixed Installation DLP
Panasonic also has fixed projectors that you can incorporate into the architecture of your spaces. Though they may be can, the area where they can project is utterly flexible. With the huge array of projector lenses, ceiling mounts, and brackets, you are free to place the projectors and projection screens at your points of convenience.

The fixed installation DLP projectors are ideal for classrooms, museum exhibitions, and lecture halls. Since we have both short and long throw options, you can use them in both large and small places. In addition to that, the projectors come with flexible warranties, so whatever your specific needs and worries may be, we’ve got you covered.

The available models include but are not limited to:
PT-RZ770 1-chip DLP Laser Projector

Short Throw Projectors
Short throw projectors are the ideal choice for audiences in small enclosed spaces like classrooms or small meetings. They are designed to be brought as close to the screen as possible, casting the image on the projection screen without the presenter’s shadow interfering with the projection.

Some of our available short throw projectors can project a brilliant image of 80-inch (diagonal) from only 2.7 feet away from the screen. The models have a range of 2200 to 3100 lumens of brightness, which guarantees image quality and brightness.

Lightweight but Efficient
Our short throw projectors are lightweight but don’t think it makes them inefficient. Incorporating Panasonic’s technology to manage power, their circuit can maintain a continuous supply of power even when electricity fluctuates for a short while.

Portable Projectors
Panasonic’s portable projectors are perfect for professionals as their mobility is not a stressing matter. Panasonic products are designed to enhance quality and convenience, and you will find that many of the projector’s parts require little maintenance, thus causing little distractions in your work. In fact, some of the portable models we have can operate for up to 7000 hours without requiring a change of lamp or air filter. The fan is also very silent, and your audience will no longer be distracted by the noise of the cooling fan.

We have a wide variety of portable Panasonic projector models for you to choose from as you’ll see below:

PT-VX510 (5500lm)
PT-VX505N (5000lm)
PT-VX500 (5000lm)
PT-VW535N (5000lm)
PT-VW530 (5000lm)

Why should you buy from Expandore?
1. Our wide range of Products
We are stocked with all the latest Panasonic models, and the deals we offer are by far the most competitive compared to other stores. Our partnership with Panasonic also guarantees that you get fair prices with an added advantage of warranty that acts as your security. So regardless of your preferred model, we have the perfect solution for you.

2. Relatively short lead time
Time is one of the factors that we consider in our operation, and we recognize that it is an essential aspect of your delivery as well. Thus, whenever you consult or make an order with Expandore, you can be sure to get served in the shortest time possible. This applies both to consultations as you get immediate feedback from our customer service and also the assembly and delivery of your products, your geographical location notwithstanding. We operate on a 24/7 basis and do overseas deliveries as well.

3. Added advantages for Singapore customers.
If you are based in Singapore, then there are added advantages to working with us. For one, we can deliver to your location, and if need be, we can also do the setup and installation at your venue. You, therefore, do not have to encounter additional costs looking for personnel to help with the setup and configuration.

4. Wide choice of lens
We are also stocked with all the necessary accessories that you may need with your projectors. This includes our full range of lenses that ensure that your projectors are in their best condition and delivering at their optimum. Browse through our directory and see the many lens-types we have on offer, fit for whatever projector you may have, and the required lumens of brightness.

Panasonic projectors have made it possible to make presentations to audiences, without having to worry about their size and venue of operation. Compared to other brands, Panasonic could be among the best, if not the ultimate option for projectors. With the many benefits that come with Panasonic projectors, especially their ability to showcase quality images and deliver with minimum maintenance needs, there is every choice why you should opt for the brand.

Expandore has been providing electronic products from many brands worldwide for many years now. When it comes to projectors, we highly recommend Panasonic, for, among other reasons, the value they provide. If you are looking for an active projector to work with, feel free to consult with our team. We have a wide array of Panasonic models available, and you’ll be sure to land an option that will serve your interests perfectly. Shop with us today!

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