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The SmallHD DP7-PRO Monitor Handles are a great way to streamline your set up! Simply attach the handles to the two 1/4 20 mounting points on the side of your DP7-PRO and you have a portable lightweight monitor that you can carry around the set. With adjustable Rosettes you can easily tilt the monitor a full 360 degrees at 7 degree increments. If you start to get tired or need to put the monitor down the included neck strap will allow you to comfortably rest. The Handle grips also have 1/4 20 mounting points on top and bottom so you can mount your accessories right on the handle (4 total mounting points). Add in our DP7-PRO wireless dock to go completely wireless!

• Super lightweight Acetal Plastic handle grips
• Ultra Durable Aluminum Braces
• Easily Adjustable Rosettes for tilting
• Four 1/4 20 mounting points (1 on top and bottom of each handle grip) for mounting all kinds of accessories
• Comfortable Neck Strap



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