SmallHD DP7-PRO Canon 5D/7D (LP-E6) Battery Bracket


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 SmallHD DP7-PRO Canon 5D/7D (LP-E6) Battery Bracket

smallHD DP7 Sony L Series Battery Bracket
Product Code: PWR-BB-DP7-CAN-E6
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With this 5D/7D battery bracket, you can use your camera's batteries to power your HD monitor. The bracket will hold up to 2 of these LP-E6 batteries and will run the DP7-PRO-OLED for 1.6 hours. Two batteries are required at all times.

Requires DP7-PRO Battery Adapter Plate

• Use your Canon's 5D / 7D batteries rather than buy others (Canon Model Number: LP-E6)
• Requires 2 Batteries
• Runs a DP7-PRO-OLED for 1.6 Hours Straight (when using 2 LP-E6 batteries at once)
• Seats snugly against the back of your DP7 monitor to maintain an incredibly low profile
• Lightest weight battery option so far for DP7-PRO

Battery Type: LP-E6 (Canon 5D / 7D)
Output voltage: 14.8v
Capacity: 28Wh (when using 2 LP-E6 batteries)
Number of Batteries Required: 2



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