Litepanels Caliber LED Light (909-1002)

Litepanels Caliber LED Light (909-1002)
Litepanels Caliber LED Light (909-1002)   

Litepanels Caliber LED Light

Product Code: 909-1002

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  • JOBY® GorillaPod allow the lights to be fixed in a number of positions
  • A true Fresnel fixture that produces soft, directional illumination
  • Flicker-free at any frame rate or shutter angle
  • Ultra-smooth dimming from 100% to 0, with no noticeable color shift throughout the entire range
  • Configurable soft case allows for easy customization
  • Low power draw means the portable lights can run anywhere light is needed, on AA batteries or via AC (light is 20% brighter when run on AC)
  • 17W power draw with output comparable to a 150W Tungsten
  • Durable rugged aluminium chassis design
  • Serve as a battery compartment for mobile lighting
  • Provides efficient thermal management to ensure color quality and long life
  • Premium selected high CRI/TLCI rated LEDs - Daylight 93

The latest addition to Litepanels’ award-winning line of LED Fresnels, the Caliber is a Daylight balanced true Fresnel fixture with wide focus range that can be powered via DC with AA or professional camera batteries. Each Caliber LED Fresnel offers a output comparable to a 150W tungsten yet requires only 17W to power it. The Caliber’s rugged aluminium chassis design provides a battery compartment for a true mobile lighting solution and dissipates heat ensuring color quality over the life of the LED. The lights compact size and high intensity output make it a valuable production tool in the field.

Beam angle (degrees): 15 - 73
Max. power draw (Watts): 17
Comparative output: 150W tungsten
Optics: 2" / 5cm Dia Fresnel lens
Weight: 0.59 kg
Power supply: AC/DC 120-240 VAC, 6-12 VDC
Fixture type: Fresnel Lights
Colour temperature: Daylight
In the Box: Caliber LED Fresnel, JOBY® flexible GorillaPod, Gel Frame, Gel Set (1/2 CTO & 1/2 CTB), 4-way Barndoors and an AC Adapter with International Plug Set.