Carl Zeiss DigiZoom Lenses

DigiZoom Lenses

Carl Zeiss

Carl Zeiss DigiZoom Lenses


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Carl Zeiss Lenses
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DigiPrime Lenses
DigiZoom Lenses
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Complete set of Zeiss SLR prime lenses
Carl Zeiss Accessories
1775-468 Transport case
DigiZoom lenses for B4 mount
ZEISS DigiZoom lenses with B4 mount are a masterful combination of elegantly proportioned design, sublime functionality, and outstanding performance. The ZEISS DigiZoom lenses are changing the way you look at digital cinematography.
  • Low lightfriendly
  • High resolution over the entire screen
  • Precise back focus
  • Internal focusing design and close focusing
  • Super color matched with all ZEISS cine lenses
  • Nine blade iris

Carl Zeiss DigiZoom Lenses

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The DigiZoom lenses are compact and light weight. They are ideal for handheld, remote and Steadicam work. With familiar cine-style layout, the zoom lenses work in studios, with matte box, bridgeplate, as well as focus, zoom, and iris motors, or bare-bones for documentary style handheld.

Like the ZEISS DigiPrime lenses, the DigiZoom family has been engineered for optimum performance in low light situations with the aperture fully open.

Digi Zoom Lenses
Digi Zoom T1 9/6-24 mm Carl Zeiss DigiZoom Lenses Digi Zoom T1 9/17-112 mm Carl Zeiss DigiZoom Lenses
Digi Accessories
Sharp Max Carl Zeiss DigiZoom Lenses  
Digi Mutar 1.4x Carl Zeiss DigiZoom Lenses
T-Stop f(mm) Close Length ø Front Weight
1 :1.9 6 - 24 0.55 m 250mm 95 mm 2760 g
1 : 1.9 17 - 112 0.75 m 300mm 95 mm 4000 g

Sharp Max

The Sharp Max is a quick and precise back-focus adjustment for lenses on 2/3’’ high definition cameras. The athermal design ensures a stable infinity-position of the installed Siemens-Star over a wide temperature range.

DigiMutar™ 1.4X Tele-Extender
Designed to complement the popular DigiPrime® and DigiZoom™ series, as well as other high-quality 2/3” HD lenses, the Carl Zeiss DigiMutar™ 1.4X Tele-Extender is an elegant and simple way of adding focal length while saving the cost of an occasional-use lens.


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