Canon BU-47H Pan-Tilt System

Canon BU-47H

Remote Control Pan-Tilt System

Canon BU-47H Pan-Tilt System

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Remote Control Pan-Tilt System
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 CANON BU-47H Remote Control Pan-Tilt System

BU-47H (For Outdoor use)
As the worldwide transition to HD (high definition) imaging continues to accelerate,many video content creators including broadcasters, cable networks and business/industrial entities are seeking cost-effective, turnkey, remotely-controllable Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) HD camera systems to extend creative flexibilities. To meet thesediverse needs, Canon has harnessed multiple unique technologies and experiencein HD optics and digital cameras, robotics, and control software, to produce a costeffective, integrated HD lens-camera PTZ product offering exceptional HD picture quality.

The BU-47H is a rugged yet elegant outdoor PTZ system-following a legacy of decades of Canon expertise in designing such systems. A sister product, the BU-51H, has a design tailored for exacting indoor applications.

Canon BU-47H Pan-Tilt System

Product Code: BU-47H
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Main Features
The BU-47H have a 1/3 inch 3CMOS camera with 2,370,000 pixels per CMOS. It offers exceptional video quality for broadcasting, event coverage and high quality surveillance, among others.

The 3 CMOS HD camera combines a 18X Optical Zoom HD lens (4.1-73.8mm, 6.2-111mm with 1.5X Digital Extender) with Auto Focus and Image Stabilization, providing exceptional HD video images with enhanced operational flexibilities.

The BU-47H is an extremely sturdy, dustproof/waterproof pan-tilt system with an IP45 enclosure rating. Well suited for outdoor operation, the BU-47H also incorporates a built-in wiper.

The BU-47H can pan through ±340° and tilt +30° ~ −50° in highly precise and smoothly choreographed movements specifically designed to address multiple applications.

As the control protocol is non-proprietary and open to the public, a user or system integrator can provide their own control system or contract with a third party provider.

The camera outputs an uncompressed HD-SDI (or SD-SDI) signal. The HD-SDI signal and an SD Composite signal (NTSC or PAL)* can be output simultaneously. The SD signal can be used for monitoring. In addition, the BU-47H features GENLOCK for video synchronization.

* Please request NTSC or PAL format at time of purchase

The elegant design makes the BU-47H blend in very naturally with buildings and other city landscapes.

Canon BU-47H Pan-Tilt System

General Specifications  

Pan Tilt Section Operation condition Outdoor
Operational angle Panning:340°,Tilting:+30°~-50°
Operating speed Panning:0.5~25°/s,Tilting 0.3~20°/s
Repeatability Within ±10'
Connector Receptacle DC terminal, Control(RS-422), SDI out, SD composite, Genlock, Aux out
Video output HD-SDI (Embedded audio) output BNC1 Line (receptacle section)
SD composite (NTSC/PAL) output BNC1 Line (receptacle section)
GEN LOCK input BNC 1 Line (receptacle section) (3value/BB)
Operating temperature Ambient -15~40°C / ~90% (Without being dew condensation)
Noise NC55 below
Power source DC10.5~15V 80W
Microphone Input: pedestal section
Wiper Built-in Wiper
Washer Connector on Pedestal Section for Third Party Washer Unit
Dustproof waterproof efficiency IP45
Wind Velocity-Resistance 0~25m/s Normal operation
25~35m/s Operation possible
35~60m/s Non destruction
Size (Include Camera & Lens) 386(W) x 390(H) x 337(D) mm
Mass (Include Camera & Lens) Approx. 17kg
Camera & lens Pick-Up device 1/3" HD 3CMOS, total of approx. 2.37mega pixels per CMOS
Range of Focal Length 4.1~73.8mm (6.2~111mm w/1.5x)
F1.6~2.8 (2/3" conversion: 7.4~134mm, 11.1~201mm w/1.5x)
Zoom ratio 18x Optical zoom (1.5x digital extender)
Focusing system AUTO, Manual
Frame rate and Shutter speed BU-47H 1AM /
BU-51H 1A
Frame Rate: 60i Shutter Speed:1/4, 1/15, 1/60, 1/100, 1/1000
BU-47H 2AM /
BU-51H 2A*
Frame Rate: 50i Shutter Speed:1/3, 1/12, 1/50, 1/100, 1/1000
Gain AUTO, 0dB, 6dB, 12dB, 18dB, 33dB
White balance AUTO, Set
CCU adjustment White balance, Master pedestal, R-gain, B-gain, G-gain, Hue, Master black(R/G/B), Set up level, Gamma, Knee, Sharpness, Knee aperture, Skin detail, Color matrix, Horizontal detail frequency
GEN LOCK Phase adjustment Adjustment range approx. ±0.4H
Image Stabilizer Optical Shift method
Optical Filter CLEAR, 1/4ND, 1/16ND, 1/64ND
Shooting Mode AUTO, Manual

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