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Robotic Conference System

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Robotic Conference System

Robotic Conference System
ProductCode: Robotic Conference System

        Robotic Conference System      


The three-stage Robotic Conference System is designed for corporate conferences or other events where a speaker is addressing an audience. When erected, the prompting system resembles a mic stand with a piece of glass attached to the top of it. From the audience's perspective, the high quality prompter glass is transparent, giving the impression that the presenter is speaking fluently and professionally without any assistance. From the presenter perspective, the glass displays a mirror image of the pre-prepared speech from the LCD monitor at the base of the stand.

The height of the stand can be adjusted locally by the presenter, remotely using the remote control unit, or automatically by inserting height codes into the prompter script. This makes the system ideally suited to multi-speaker events where the height of the stand needs to be adjusted for each individual speaker, or to a press conference where the stand needs to be minimised once a speech has been given. Our robotic stand is the most compact on the market, enabling the stand height to be reduced to just three feet (43" to top of glass).

The angle of the prompting glass is also fully adjustable to match the eye-line of the presenter. The monitor fits to a sturdy base that keeps it off the floor and also helps to balance the overall unit.

Each package includes all the hardware you need for one conference system (QPro or QMaster/QBox software to be purchased separately), though the executive speech prompters are often used in pairs, positioned on either side of a podium, providing a continuously visible script to the presenter as they scan the audience.

The Robotic Conference system is paired with a Master Series 17" monitor which includes a host of studio grade features including high bright screen, locking power and video connectors and looping power and composite video.

Hardware (Monitor)
Size: 17” (432 mm)
Reading Range: 6m (20 ft)
Brightness: 1600 Nits
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Contrast Ratio: 500:1
Resolution: 1280 x 1024
Image Reverse: Yes
Integrated Tally/ Cue Light: Yes
Video Inputs: BNC (Composite), VGA, SDI (additional option)
Looping Power & Composite Video: Yes
Weight: 13.3 kgs (29.3 lbs)
Power Consumption: 60W
Compliance: CE, FCC, ROHS

Hardware (Conference Stand)
Stand Height: 81.1" (206cm) max; 43.3" (110cm) min
Stand Weight: 10 kgs (22 lb) excluding monitor
Power Consumption: 27.6W

Robotic Stand Local Control
Height Control: Upwards and downwards
Dimensions: 50 x 90 x 15mm
Connector: 6-pin (Domino)

Included in the package

• 17” LCD prompter monitor with locking BNC and XLR connectors
• Robotic conference stand and glass holder
• Local control unit
• The same high quality glass (70:30) that is used in our on-camera teleprompter units, designed to produce the clearest mirror image
• 25m composite cable
• Quick installation guide and detailed electronic user manual
• Full warranties – 2 years for prompter monitor; 2 years for robotic conference stand hardware

Robotic Stand Remote Control Panel


This device controls the height of the robotic stand with up to 80 programmable height selections, operating on 8 stands simultaneously.

Remote control of the height of the stands can be operated in two ways. The first method is by inserting a presenter height code within the QBox prompter text. When the marker passes the cue marker on the prompt monitor, data is then sent from the computer to the remote control via a RS232 connection.

The other method is using the remote control panel, to select the height simply press the control button that was noted during rehearsals. The maximum cable distance between the remote panel and the stand is one kilometer.

All the height settings are supported by battery, so in the event of a power failure all the settings are saved in memory.


Control of Robotic Stands: Quantity 9 or looped in pairs

Power Input: 115-230VAC, 5060Hz via IEC connector

Robotic Stand Output Socket: 3-pin XLR

Weight: 1.5kgs (3.3lb)



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