Discussion Systems

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Discussion Systems
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Discussion Systems

Shure’s line of innovative ConferenceONE® discussion system solutions is built to be flexible enough to adapt to any space, yet versatile enough to perform a variety of functions while delivering the highest level of sound and vocal clarity.

ConferenceONE Chairman Console With Intellimix C1-Ci   ConferenceONE Chairman Console Standard C1-Cs   ConferenceONE Delegate Console C1-Di
ConferenceONE Discussion Systems Chairman Unit, with IntelliMix, C1-B2 Cable Included   ConferenceONE Chairman Console, Standard   ConferenceONE Discussion System Delegate Unit, with Intellimix, includes C1-B2 Cable
ConferenceONE Delegate Console C1-Ds   ConferenceONE C1-PS 30s Power Supply Standard   ConferenceONE C1-PS 60i Power Supply Intellimix
With the ConferenceONE Standard Discussion System you are able to connect up to 30 Delegate Consoles.   ConferenceONE Standard Power Supply, C1-B 10 Cable Included   ConferenceONE Power Supply for Intellimix Versions, C1-PL 10 Cable and C1-FX Adapter included

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