AZDEN MOTO DW-05 Wireless Headphone

AZDEN MOTO DW-05 Wireless Headphone

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 AZDEN DW-05 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Headphone - Watch your TV program at late hours without distributing others, you can have more than 30 headsets listening to the same source at the same time-  You may also use this to assist your grandpa or grandma who need slightly higher volume to enjoy the TV program or music.. The applications are so many to be mentioned..

Azden MOTO DW-05
MOTO DW-05 (Headphone and Transmitter)
Model : DW-05

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Optional Accessories

 MOTO DW-05H ( Headset only )
Model : DW-05H

Wireless Disco using Wireless Headsets
Azden MOTO DW-05

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-  If you need to mount the Transmitter to your Camcorder please chose  

-  If you need a tour guide system please choose   DW-05 Tour Guide System

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Wireless Headphone : Applications

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Share music and video on tablet
or PC with friends or family.
Connect to your mobile device wirelessly and take great sound with you wherever you go. Personalized Karaoke Wireless Tour Guide System
Practice musical instrument with
no worry of making noise.
Enjoy wireless music while
exercising or playing sports
Practice to be a DJ Home Entertainment

MOTO DW-05 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Headphone

Product  Main Features
· 2.4GHz, wireless digital transmission: It allows free and more personalized Monitoring / music listening without Interfering with others.
· USB / Analog (3.5mm & 6.3mm pins): two way audio Input, It facilitates bundled applications of all kinds of players.
· 30 meters effective reception distance: with HI output mode, you could proceed with your activity while listening to the music Indoor.
· One Digital Transmitter: It allows usage of several pairs of headphones for audio reception (It requires optional purchase of AZDEN digital wireless~ headphones).
· Low Power Consumption Headphone: regular alkaline battery (AAA x2) may sustain more than 20 hours.
· Large Size Headphone of 40mm Speaker Unit: heavy and distinct bass sound, clear and bright mediant and treble, It reproduces hi-fidelity of the mediant-bass effects and the original audio sound.
· Rechargeable Batteries are adopted for Transmitter: It could sustain 3-6 hours and make convenient outdoor usage. The transmitter can be linked directly to USB port by using
· USB connection cable for power supply purpose. It takes about 3 -5 hours to be fully charged when the battery Is empty. USB connection cable: can use USB power adaptor and link It to USB connection cable for power supply.
· Automatic Sleeping Function: no audio source for about 10 minutes, then the headphones and transmitter will be shut off automatically.
· USB connection port applicable to any type of player with USB connection port. Analog audio input with 3.5mm(Diameter) plug pin or 6.3mm(Diameter) plug pin.

DW-05 has many advantages of being "wireless"
The most common cause of headphones' trouble is "disconnection of the cable", which we do not have to worry at all. Without the cables, it is more comfortable to use for exercising such as jogging.

"Pairing" function to prevent from interferences
With the "pairing" function, the headphone and the transmitter does matching. Even if other wireless headphones are near you, there will be no interferences at all. On the other hand, it allows usage of Multiple pairs of headphones for audio reception. You can share music with others.

Low Power Consumption Headphone
The transmitter can be used for more than 6 hours continuously by recharging with USB cables. The headphone can be used for more than 20 hours continuously with two AAA batteries.

High quality sound and long distance reach with 2.4GHz frequency
Unlike Bluetooth, it can transmit the audio data with high quality. Therefore the quality does not drop although it is wireless. Moreover, it has longer effective reception distance than Bluetooth.

Convenient with many useful functions
The headphone itself has a volume controller on the right side. There is no need to adjust the volume of the original sound. With the auto-sleep function, the power will be off if it is not used for 10 minutes. The battery will be saved even if you forget to switch it off.

DW-05 Specifications
Speaker Type : Dynamic
Driver Unit : Φ40mm
Output Acoustic Pressure Level : 100dB
Impedance : 32Ω
Frequency Range : 20 ~ 20,000Hz
Weight : Headphone (including batteries) 232g / Transmitter 46g
Occupied Frequency Range : 2.4GHz IMS band
Max reacheable distance : 30m line-of-sight distance
Continuous activating time : Headphone 20 hours ( 2 AA batteries) / Transmitter 6 hours (USB recharge)

Supplied accessories
Carrying case
USB cable
3.5 mm stereo mini jack connecting cable
RCA connecting cable
¼ TRS adaptor
2 AAA batteries

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