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Application 1: Wireless Audio Monitoring in Studio

Output from microphone is connected through WiFi Transmitter and received by Wireless Headsets with no interferences.- Maximum 30m in HI mode


Application 2: Wireless Audio Monitoring in ENG / EFP

Monitor sound recording by one or more, Listening to the same source simultaneously with no hassle of cables. Unlimited wireless headphone can be added to suit your needs ad usage. -
Maximum 30m in HI mode


Application 3: Silent Movie

Now you can fully enjoy your favourite movie with family and friends with no worries of causing disturbance to other. Unlimited wireless headphone can be added to suit your needs ad usage.


Application 4: Language Lab

Allows real time distribution of master programme material with no delay and lagging. Simple set-up: Teacher and students could listen simultaneously to a program by just pairing the headphones to a transmitter.


Application 5: Silent Disco

Dance to music listened to on wireless headphones. Allow party and dancing to continue past noise curfews.


Wireless Headphone : Other Applications

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Share music and video on tablet
or PC with friends or family.
Connect to your mobile device wirelessly and take great sound with you wherever you go. Personalized Karaoke Wireless Tour Guide System

Practice musical instrument with
no worry of making noise.
Enjoy wireless music while
exercising or playing sports
Practice to be a DJ Home Entertainment
DW-05 consists of one Digital Transmitter and one Digital Wireless headphone
Additional Digital Wireless Headphone can be purchased to configure your requirement