Sony UWP-D11 - Belt-pack UWP-D wireless microphone package ( New model replacing UWP-V1 )

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    Discontinued This model has been replaced UWP-D21
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    Frequency :566 to 630 MHz

    You may get your Sony UWP-D11 from our office in the following countries

    Philippines - Manila

    Indonesia - Jakarta

    India - Chennai

    Singapore - Singapore

  • Shoe adapter
    Sony SMAD-P3 Multi Interface Shoe adapter for Cable-free Connection


    Sony Shoe adapter

  • Optional Accessories
    Sony SMAD-P3 Multi Interface Shoe adapter for Cable-free Connection

    Sony Mic, Lavalier (C-3053)

    Sony Mic, Lavalier

  • Portable Receiver
    Sony URX-P03D Portable Receiver

    Two Channel Portable Receiver

    Sony URX-P03D Port0ble Receiver

UWP-D11: Feature

Operating on 2x AA battery each for both its
URX-P03 portable receiver and UTX-B03 belt-pack transmitter ( with 2 x AA, it is capable of 6 hr recording time ).  With weight less than 180 g and 150g for the receiver, Sony UWP-D11 is truly a compact and yet portable wireless audio recording system.

Build with Robust metal construction body, it is designed to last and allow operation in rugged environment. The introduction of mini USB port allows you to use external devices to power the transmitter , or you may utilize this port to charge the chargeable AA batteries within the transmitter. Sony UWP-D11 advanced Hybrid Digital Processing technology to enable high quality sound reproduction, as the conventional analogue companding system cannot sound precisely like bell, tee shot or hand clap, but with this technology it overcome this phenomena.
Whether you are shooting with Camcorder or DSLR, The Sony UWP-D11 seems to be the natural choice owning to its size, however nothing is compromised as it even has a large display to view your setting.
With Audio delay of only
approximately 0.35 msec, such shortcoming is totally unnoticeable and this standard has been well accepted  in the professional and broadcast industries.

Truly Wireless now
If you own the latest Sony Cameras like PXW-X70 , PXW-X160PXW-X180,PXW-X200,PXW-Z150PXW-FS7
, PXW-FS5 ,PXW-FS5K so on and forth or Sony camcorders with built in MI ( Multi-Interface ) shoe you will have this system truly wireless, by adding a Sony audio Adapter SMAD-P3.

This Audio Adapter mounted on the Sony cameras enable you to draw the power ( for URX-PO3) from the cameras and best of all, now you required no XLR audio cable to record, the recording audio can be connected directly via the SMAD-P3... Amazing right ! ( however till date May 2016 ,this is not workable for non-Sony cameras as its have no such connection )

Fast Scanning and Frequency interference-less
The Sony UPW-D11 will scan and  automatic select the unoccupied channel. with its UR Sync function, both devices will operate under the same frequency.

The Sony UWP-D11 has a 3.5mm
stereo mini jack analog audio output, allowing you to monitor the received audio, If you camcorder does come with audio output, this serves as additional output for monitoring. Added to this, you may allow in-line connectivity to the receiver.
With the Sony True Diversity technology, you are always ensure best connectivity between transmitter and receiver thus giving you peace of mind for top audio recording, you may now place more attention to camera operation

The standard delivery package come with  the following

1.UTXB03 light weight belt-pack transmitter and

2.URXP03 light weight portable receiver.

3.A superb quality omni-directional click on lavalier mic and

4.Accessories including windscreen, microphone holder clip, belt-clip and shoe-mount adaptor.

UPW-D11 Specifications

Sony UWP-D11 Wireless Microphone Review
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*** Admin ***
Sony New Model HXR-NX5R
Sony New Sony NXCAM NX5R will be available on Nov 2016, this model support the Multi Interface Shoe (MI Shoe)adaptor for cable-free connection
thus the UWP-D11 is the best wireless audio solution


By Corba on 20 May 2016
Is that a way out to have my Panasonic Cameras work with the hot shoe adapter


*** Admin ***
As at now, this is not possible yet ,to the best of our knowledge, Panasonic camcorder does not have the compatible hot shoe for this purposes
The Following Sony Cameras work with
SMAD-P3 and UPW-D11, namely  PXW-X70   , PXW-X160 PXW-X180 ,PXW-X200 ,PXW-Z150  ,  PXW-FS7, PXW-FS5 , PXW-FS5K  and etc

*** Admin ***

The Sony UWP-D11 portable wireless mic system is one of the popular choice for most of the ENG/EFP applications.
The Rugged and light metal housing for both transmitter and receiver are handy and truly portable. Each device requires only 2 x AA battery to operate.


Struggling with choice

By Bigcat on 18/May/2016
Hi, I am still struggling with the choice of ew-112P G3 and Sony UPW-D11 any suggestion?

Good price good Service
By Andrew Ang on 29/12/2015
I have been shopping around for the most competitive offer, not only I got the good price, I received good service
and I like your shop.

Regional Presence
By Steven on 4/12/2015
Expandore has its Foot print and offices in Singapore, India, Philippines and Indonesia, to us
product' s support is our key concern, Many thanks for the support
mf-13/05/2015 , RL 1/6/16