Sony PXW-Z150 4K World's first 1.0-inch type stacked Exmor RS™ imaging sensor XDCAM Camcorder

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  • Sony PXW-Z150 4K XDCAM Camcorder

    Product Code: PXWZ150
    Price USD 3199

    This model has been discontinued

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  • Features

    - World's first 1.0-inch type stacked Exmor RS™ imaging sensor*
    - Flexible 4K and Full HD recordings (XAVC™ Long GOP at 100Mbps)
    - HFR 120 fps Super Slow Motion (continuous)
    - Clear Image Zoom (24x for HD, 18x for 4K)
    - Wi-Fi® / NFC networking capabilities for high mobility
    - 3.5-inch** type 1550K LCD Panel for high resolution monitoring
    - Compact and lightweight body
    - Dual media slots for recording flexibility
    - Built-in ND filter (4 steps)
    * For professional camcorders as of February 23, 2016.
    **Viewable area measured diagonally.
    For Specifications click here

  • Optional Accessories
    Sony Headphone
    Sony MDR-7506


    Buy Sell Sale Sony MDR-7506

Highly sensitive with stunning picture quality
Compared to the original Exmor R CMOS sensor, the Exmor RS CMOS chip has higher performance capability. This high readout speed provides high frame rate(HFR) at 120fps and 4K image capture without binning.

Moreover, in comparison with other camcorder sensors in its class and price range, the 1.0-inch type stacked sensor is brighter, has higher resolution and offers more bokeh with a shallow depth of field
This gives you the magic to create magnificently cinematic images that will inspire you and delight your clients.

Premium quality G Lens
The Sony PXW-Z150 has a premium 12x zoom lens for its camcorder, this is specifically designed for 4K imaging, thereby providing you with high resolution and contrast from the center of your image, right to the edge. The improved Clear Image Zoom feature doubles magnification up to 18x when shooting in 4K QFHD and up to 24x in HD, thereby maximizing the performance of the camcorder's large 1.0-inch type stacked sensor.
Wide application coverage with 120 fps continuous slow motion
The Sony PXW-Z150 takes up to 120 frames per second (fps) in Full HD, This High Frame Rate (HFR) shots helps capture every single important moment by providing you a maximum of 5 times slow motion expression, so you wouldn't miss out on the picture perfect shots and there would be no sacrifice in bit depth, "windowing" of the sensor, crop factor and loss in angle of view.
Take the shot, like how you see it, perfectly.

Rich recording format for professional shooting
The advanced XAVC Long GOP format promises high quality video in both 4K and Full-HD resolution while MPEG2HD format provides full broadcasting support.

Advanced network functions
You no longer have to sweat about connectivity, the built-in Wi-Fi in PXW-Z150 offers live streaming to the cloud or FTP server.
Paired together with Sony's Content Browse Mobile software, this means that you can now control your camcorder remotely on your smartphone or tablet; adjust settings such as focus, zoom, iris, white balance, REC START/STOP and more without even touching your camcorder.

*QoS will be supported by future firmware update.
Compact and lightweight body with high operability
Sony PXW-Z150 is ergonomically designed to give you a lightweight and easy-to-use shooting experience. Three manual, independent lens rings provides smooth, natural adjustment of focusing, zooming and iris control.

Choose between full-auto mode or completely manual ,have creative control and allow your shots to vary as you like them to. The manual dial and buttons on the side of the body gives you quick and easy adjustment of IRIS (aperture), GAIN and shutter speed, not to mention, the white balance is simple to adjust by color temperature in convenient 100K steps.

Rich interface for professional use
Like the top notch professional camcorder, PXW-Z150 offer your wide range of the connectivity, enable you connect to the world ,your are now worry  connectivity , the camcorder come with built in3G-SDI, HDMI, Multi/Micro USB, professional audio XLR terminals, REMOTE, Composite (RCA) and Lineout.

Multi-Interface (MI) Shoe
Having a Flexible Multi-Interface (MI) Shoe means power, signal connections and coordinated on/off switching to compatible Sony accessories. Your Audio an now be truly wireless.
Clear Image Zoom
With a stunning optical 12x zoom lens, this spells high resolution and contrast across the entirety of your picture. Sony's advanced Clear Image Zoom comes with doubles magnification, smoothly, to 18x when shooting in 4K QFHD and 24x in HD, making full use of the imaging capabilities of the PXW-Z150's large 1.0-inch type stacked sensor.

Dual SD Card Slots
Never miss the perfect picture with a dual SD card capability. This is a feature found on almost all professional camcorders and enables simultaneous, relay and independent recording.


Sony new PXW-Z150 Handheld 4K Camcorder

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** Admin ** date 25/2/16
Sony will introduce the PXW-Z150 in conjunction with ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2016, happening from 29 Feb to 3 Mar at Hotel Istana, KL, Malaysia.

The PXW-Z150 is the latest addition to Sony's XDCAM range of lightweight, easy-to-use professional camcorders, with new functionality to enable wireless
operation and 4K[1] high quality shooting. The flexible, effortless set-up capabilities of the portable camcorder enable content creators of all experience levels to
deliver impressive imagery for content and events shooting scenarios, no matter how tight their brief. Sony's PXW-Z150 features a 1.0 type stacked Exmor RS
CMOS image sensor, providing users with spectacular 4K recording and impressive 5x slow motion in Full HD - essential functionality for content creators looking
to deliver corporate or personal productions of the highest quality.


** Admin** date 24/2/16
I believe this new cameras is designed to replace the PXW-Z100  It has interesting features
Sony's new PXW-Z150 is a small, lightweight, easy-to-use camcorder. It's the world's first professional camcorder to incorporated with  a One-inch stacked CMOS sensor.
It is designed for the following applications.
1.Corporate town halls,
2.Web videos,
3.Sports, news or events,
The PXW-Z150 will be the excellent choice for the above activities

Some feature deserved attention are

1.It is capable to  Wireless streaming with built-in Wi-Fi®
2.G lens with 3 independent rings for zoom, iris and focus
3,Built-in 4 step ND filter
4.Multi-Interface shoe
5.3G-SDI output
6.XLR audio input

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