Sony PXW-FS5K XDCAM Grab and Shoot with handheld Super 35

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  • Sony PXW-FS5K XDCAM Camcorder

    Product Code: PXWFS5K
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    You may get your Sony PXW-FS5K from our office in the following countries

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    India - Chennai

  • Features

    - Lightweight but robust
    - Flexible controls
    - Versatile monitoring
    - Modular design for easy integration
    - Networked for high mobility
    - 4K Super 35 Exmor® sensor
    - High Frame Rate (HFR) recording
    - Built-in electronic Variable ND Filters
    - Accurate OLED viewfinder
    - Clear Image Zoom


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  • Optional Accessories
    Fujinon MK18x55mm
    Fujinon MK18x55 mm T2.9
    MK18x55mm T2.9
    Fujinon MK18x55mm T2.9

  • Fujinon MK50x135mm
    Fujinon MK50x135 mm T2.9
    MK50x135mm T2.9
    Fujinon MK18x55mm Lens

  • Sony Headphone
    Sony MDR-7506
    Buy Sell Sale Sony MDR-7506
  • FS RAW Output Upgrade License
    Sony CBKZ-FS5RIF Upgrade License for PXW-FS5
    Buy Sell Sale Sony CBKZ-FS5RIF

The Sony PXW-FS5K is the ultimate solution if you are looking for a handheld camcorder that is and functional. This model comes with a powerful steady that allows for use in tight places, can be held in the laps and moved to shoot in different places and conditions. Its controls are well designed, and this makes the camcorder excellent when used with one hand from the chest position.

Main Features
Outdoor Mobility
This camcorder comes with a Super 35mm Sensor that makes it draw comparisons with its brother model the Sony PXW-FS7 amongst users. The PXW-FS5K, however, is a re-design of the other model and has been developed for outdoor shooting especially in some demanding conditions. The first evidence of this is its lightweight which makes it easy to carry around. Its LCD viewfinder and rotatable, the flexible grip makes it possible to mount this camcorder in as much as nine different positions.

Flexible Design and Controls
For field camcorders, it is impossible for the important functions to be easily and fast accessible. The Sony PXW-FS5K ensures that you do not miss any important moment waste any time by providing you with special tools to ensure that shooting parameters are easily changeable. The camcorder's Smart grip is located as close as possible to its center to ensure that the camcorder does not roll during shooting. You can also use a grip belt for total security and with a bayonet connection, detaching the grip is fast and easy.

Quality Images and Recording
The Sony PXW-FS5K comes with exceptional sensitivity, and this makes the camcorder as useable past sunset as it is before. Coming with a highly-sensitive 4K Super 35 "Exmor" CMOS Sensor, users get a combination of benefits of using large format sensors and also Super Slow Motion and great readout speeds that go with 4K motion-pictures. The camcorder shoots high-quality recordings at 100Mbps 4K and shortly, users can expect to use the camcorder in recording RAW in external storages. This makes the Sony PXW-FS5K a great working solution for today and tomorrow needs.

Compatibility with Other models
With the Sony PXW-FS5K's E-mount flexibility, users can use different lenses such as cinema and SLR lenses and a third party adaptor. This makes the camcorder economical for future use as the main body can be attached to latest lenses and still be useable. This camcorder model delivers an exceptional 240 frames per seconds (fps) slow motion recording in Full HD XAVC 10bit 4:2:2. The best thing about this camcorder is that it does so without sacrificing important aspects such as crop factors, angle view and bit depth of the sensor to achieve the 10x Super Slow Motion feature.

Other important Features
Dual Media Slots

To enhance flexibility during shooting and for non-interruptions, the Sony PXW-FS5K comes with two media slots. When using the Relay mode, recording switches automatically to the second memory card as soon as the first one is full. The Simul mode allows for concurrent recording of both memory cards. The recording in Simul mode can be handed independently using the three Start/Stop buttons available with the model.

Multi Interface Shoe
You can connect wireless microphones and control them via the camcorder. Supporting the Multi-Interface (MI) Shoe technology by Sony, you can switch your Sony PXW-FS5K camcorder in a coordinating manner with other Sony accessories attached to it. The Sony PXW-FS5K is also ideal for shooting in confined spaces such as inside a car since it comes with two XLR connectors that make it applicable in different conditions.

Improved Networking
You can control your camcorder from a connected tablet or smartphone. It is also possible to live stream recordings over a Wi-Fi or LAN network. When used with the correct devices, one-touch authentication is possible making it an easy to use the camcorder for group recording. [Read More....]

Sony PXW-FS5K XDCAM Camcorder Review
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Best  Combinations

By Song on 15/Jun /2017

I have my FS5K upgraded with its raw version shooting with Fujinon lens
MK18x55mm T2.9 recorded it in my Atomos Shogun Inferno, I cant explain in word how amazing is the quality of footage, I will share it in my u tube - picture tells a thousand words

Trust me these are the best combination of gear that offer you the greater shot. The Supplied lens is E PZ 18-105mm f/4 G OSS Lens

Sony PXW-FS5K XDCAM Camcorder

Peter Koh on 2/2/2016
Just tested the cameras yesterday, I must say cameras of this handy size met our filming requirement. The recording format I used was AVCHD ( NOT 4K) and I did it in simultaneous recording mode, with this I would have a back up copy for myself. One of which will be given to my client The only problem I have to is to get myself familiar with the various function buttons, but this is no big deal just a matter of time, I got use of it. One thing worth questioning is, why each time when new card was inserted, the cameras would prompt me a remark asking whether I would need to repair the card, CAN YOU EXPLAIN. The other fact is I like the light weight of the cameras as compared to My PXW-X160.

** Admin** on 2/2/2016

Please try it with another new card, that should not happen again

Firmware Update PXW-FS5/K ver.2.00
** Admin **

•  The ND filter density can now be adjusted automatically
•  Shooting and recording in RAW mode is now supported. ("CBKZ-FS5RIF" (sold separately) is required)
•  The zebra function has been enhanced, allowing you to select two types of setting. Also, the level settings can now be adjusted in 1% increments.
•  You can now select the audio that is output in the headphones.
•  You can now acquire and record position information when shooting using the GPS function.

Commonly Found in On line casino -Camcorder on 1/2/2016

Sony PXW-FS5K is widely used in online casino to capture the gaming activities. With its shallow depth of field it offer the on line casino a different viewing experience in the viewing monitor.

Most of these cameras can be found and installed in Philippine Manila BPcom building and many other places


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Sony UTXH2/4244 Internal Antenna Design
Sony UTXP1/3032 Plug-on Transmitter Designed only for use with UWP Series Tuners
Sony UWPX7 PLL-Synthesized System
Sony UWPX8 Space-diversity Reception System
Sony WRR855B Convenient Factory-Programmed Channel Plan
Sony WRR855B42 Phase Locked Loop (PLL) Synthesized Frequency Tuning
Sony WRR861B Wide Operating Frequency Ranges
Sony WRR862B 62/64 Rugged, Die-cast Magnesium, Construction
Sony WRR862B 42/44 Rugged, Die-cast Magnesium, Construction
Sony WRT8B 30/32 Switchable Input Level (Mic/Line) and Variable Attenuator
Sony WRT8P/4244 Switchable Input Level
Sony WRU-8N30/32 Space Diversity Tuner for Camcorder Use

Optional Accessories
Sony Projector Lamps
Sony VPL-EX100 Cost-efficient & Energy efficient Design
Sony VPL-EX120 Cost-efficient & Energy efficient Design
Sony VPL-EX145 Cost-efficient & Energy efficient Design
Sony VPL-EX175 Auto keystone Adjustment
Sony VPL-FX35 Hassle-free Maintenance
Sony VPL-FX30 Hassle-free Maintenance
Sony VPL-FX500L Twin-lamp System
Sony VPL-EX70 3LCD Projection System with Sony's BrightEra Technology
Sony VPL-EX7 3LCD Projection System with Sony's BrightEra Technology
Sony VPL-ES7 Short Projection Distance
Sony DVW-2000 High Quality Digital Betacam Recording
Sony DVW-2000P Digital Betacam Pal Editing VTR
Sony DVW-M2000 Legacy Format Playback
Sony DVW-M2000P Digital Betacam Pal Multiformat VTR