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LiveStream Studio 4.0.0 Software
Product Code: LS-STUDIO SOFTWARE 4.0
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New features
• Studio Web Control - Brand new approach to live video production. Multi user, live video production from a Chrome browser. Learn more
• RTMP Input - Livestream Studio now has an integrated RTMP server. Ingest up to 10 simultaneous RTMP streams from any encoder into your live video production
• Multiangle single camera live production workflow - Use advanced cropping mechanism in Input Settings module to produce multiple shots with motion from a single 4K live input
• Magewell Pro Capture Device Support.

• Persistent network device settings in streaming module
• Option to record all qualities to local .mp4 while streaming
• New "Low CPU Performance" project formats, which are optimized for 720p live streaming use cases on low
performance equipment (laptops, mid-range performance desktop computers, etc.)
• Added fallback scenario to RTMPT streaming
• Added support of DeckLink Quad 2 and DeckLink Duo 2 devices

User Manual

RTMP Server
Web Control
Stream to Facebook Live

Advanced Input Cropping

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