Clear-Com Concert Software-based Intercom

Clear-Com Concert

Clear-Com Concert Software-based Intercom

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 Clear-Com Concert Software-based Intercom for Multi-user Conferencing

Clear-Com Concert Software-based Intercom
Product Code: Concert
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Clear-Com Concert is a scalable Intercom-over-IP and audio conferencing solution for enterprise-wide communications, remote access to existing intercom systems, and interface connection with third-party 4-wire audio devices. It enables collaborative workgroups to instantly and reliably intercommunicate from their PC from anywhere in the world on any IP networks.

Based on the proprietary I.V.Core Technology, Clear-Com Concert's enhanced audio features deliver crystal-clear audio and non-blocking communications over a standard LAN or Internet between local and remote users.

Concert Applications

Concert is ideal for many communication applications, including but not limited to:
• Remote Access to Intercom Systems
• Interface Connections with Third Party 3-Wire Audio Devices
• Enterprise-wide Communications and Collaborations
• Collaborations and Communications for Newsroom Members (seamlessly integrated into the ENPS application)


Features of Concert
• Non-blocking and Instant Point-to-Point, Point-to Multi-point voice communications and conferencing from the user PC
  -Unlimited number of users on a conference
  -Instant connections of new participants to in-progress conferences
  -Ad-hoc conferencing and pre-defined partyline voice group
  -Talk/Listen on multi-conferences simultaneously
• Talk/Listen and Listen Only Modes, and text messaging
• Presence identification for high visiblity of participant
• 4-Wire audio interface connections
• Native Eclipse interface (to the IVC-32 card) for communications with intercom panel users
• Encrypted audio for high-level security and privacy (AES 128-bit encryption key)
• Interruptible audio feeds
• High audio quality:
  -Built-in echo cancellation for better use of Concert without headsets
  -Multiple CODEC support
  -Built-in packet reconstruction and recovery

Technical Details of Concert
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS • Network: IP-based network, wired or wireless
• VPN: Not required
• Concert Server Hardware: Intel Pentium™ III or Higher, 512MB RAM minimum, 10G Hard Disk Drive, Ethernet Card 100Mb +
• Server Operating System: Centos v5.3, Red Hat™ Linux
• Concert Client PC Hardware: 2.8GHz Intel Pentium™ 4 CPU or higher, 512MB RAM, 60MB hard disk space
• Concert Client PC Operating System: Windows 2000™ or XP™, Windows Vista™
• Server Configuration Web Interface (on client PC): Mozilla Firefox™ v1.0.7 or higher, Internet Explorer™ v6.0 or higher, Opera™ v9.0 or higher
MAC REQUIREMENTS • MAC OSX: Leopard v10.5 or Snow Leopard v10.6
• Processor: Power PC (Leopard v10.5 only)
• RAM: 2GB
• Hard Drive: 60MB free hard disk space
• Network Card: 100MB Ethernet interface or better
SYSTEM PERFORMANCE • No. of Users: 200+
• No. of People per Conference: Unlimited
• Voice Quality: Built-in redundancy, packet loss reconstruction, recovery algorithms and jitter buffer optimization
• Audio Bandwidth: Supports Linear, G722 and Multiple Speex CODECs
• Bandwidth Utilization:
  -Select best codec depending on the connection between both ends;
  -Bandwidth for single connection varies from as low as 6kbps to 44kbps
RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES • Headset: USB Headset (generic)
• USB Audio Interfaces: M-Audio Fast Track Pro, M-Audio Fast Track Ultra, ARX Audiobox USB I/O
• PCI Audio Interfaces: M-Audio Delta 1010



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