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Clear-Com IP Communications

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 Clear-Com IP Communications

Clear-Com IP Communications

Clear-Com’s Instant Voice Core (I.V.Core) is a suite of Internet Protocol (IP) technologies at the heart of all of our Intercom-over-IP products such as Clear-Com Concert. Based on this I.V.Core technology, Concert delivers: 1) Low latency communications through the use of an intelligent decision engine; 2) Superb audio quality through the use of wideband CODEC; and 3) Encryption, noise-reduction, and error-recovery.

Click on links below for more information about Clear-Com's Intercom-over-IP products such as Concert, Concert for Newsroom or VoICE 2.0/SOFTVoICE products.


Clear-Com Concert Clear-Com VoICE & SoFTVoICE  
Clear-Com Concert VoICE and SOFT-VoICE  

Enables collaborative workgroups to instantly and reliably intercommunicate, for:
*Enterprise-wide communications
*Expanding existing intercom systems
*Interfacing with 3rd party 4-wire audio device
*Connecting members of ENPS users


VOICE 2.0 4-channel interface enables networking of Clear-Com's Eclipse Omega and Median System Frames over LAN, WAN or the Internet. SOFT-VoICE provides intercom functions to the PC user when connected back to the matrix over a LAN, WAN or Internet.



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