Clear-Com Interface Modules

Clear-Com Interface Module

Clear-Com Interface Modules

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 Clear-Com Interface Modules

Clear-Com Interface Modules

Connections with third-party devices or panels are enabled in the Eclipse using a variety of interface modules such as the Tel-14 (digital hybrid telephone interface ), AES-6-CX (V-Series or 4000 digital panels connection to Eclipse matrices over AES3 digital audio), CCI-22 (2-wire full duplex party-line interface), DIG-2 (two panel-to-matrix connections over a single twisted pair cable), GPI-6 (six general purpose Opto logic inputs into the matrix), FOR-22 (4-Wire/2-Way radio interface), and RLY-6 (six fully programmable SPDT).
Clear-Com AES-6 Clear-Com CCI-22 Clear-Com FOR-22
AES-6 CCI-22 FOR-22

6-channel AES3 Digital Audio Module


Dual Clear-Com/RTS Party Line module


Dual 4-wire/2-way TX Balanced module

Clear-Com GPI-6 Clear-Com RLY-6 Clear-Com TEL-14
GPI-6 RLY-6 TEL-14

6 Opto Input Control Module


6 Relay Control Module


Dual channel telephone hybrid module



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