Wisycom RTC25

Wisycom RTC25

Wisycom RTC25

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Wisycom RTC25
Product Code: RTC25
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The RTC 25 Transmitter Combiner is very compact and, in spite of its small size, it features very good characteristics. Its inherent inter modulation generation is kept extremely low, using Wisycom transmitters, thanks to the very high-quality ?-3 dB power-coupler module? and other devices employed, accurately selected between the top-class brands on the market. Furthermore, a very low-loss and sharp low-pass filter on the output prevents any harmonics. Also the cross-talk between the inputs is very low, since they are decoupled by circulators. The RTC 25 allows to operate also with output mismatching: in case of bad antenna or cable-impedance characteristics, the reflected-power coming back from the antenna is redirected to its internal dummy-load, capable to absorb a continuous power of up to 100 W. The Transmitter-Combiner output-power can be monitored on the front-panel RF-meter featuring two scales, for the precise reading of one-signal and two-signal working. The RTC 25 features also an accurate SWR-overflow surveillance circuit: the red LED light-on when the antenna SWR goes in excess of 1 : 2. In the back-panel is located the feeding connector; the internal relevant fuse is a self-resetting type.

 Available in the ranges:
- 300 - 360 MHz or
- 470 - 880 MHz.
• Wide bandwidth:
- 12 MHz in 300 ? 360 MHz range,
- 25 MHz in the 470 - 880 MHz range.
• Very compact unit.
• Supports up to 2 x 50W input-power and up to infinite output mismatching.
• Input isolators grant very high decoupling of transmitter outputs.
• Very sharp and low-loss output filter prevents noise and harmonics generation.
• Precise and reliable direct-power and reflected-power meter.
• SWR overflow surveillance circuit indicates output mismatching in excess of 1 : 2.
• Broadcast superlative quality.
• Very easy and friendly to operate.
• Exceptional sturdiness and absolute reliability.




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