Trilogy Messenger Intercom

Trilogy Messenger Intercom
Trilogy Messenger   

Trilogy Messenger Intercom

Product Code: MESSENGER

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  • Ideally suited to Television and Radio Studios, OBs, Events and Fly-Aways, Media Schools, Conference Facilities and more
  • High level intercom features and functionality but within a realistic budget
  • Simple installation and set-up
  • User friendly configuration and operation
  • Based on proven technology with built-in IP capability
  • Extensive range of control panels, interfaces and portable intercom solutions
  • Seamless interfacing with other Trilogy systems
    including Gemini, Commander, Orator and Mercury

Messenger fulfils the need for a cost effective intercom solution without the installation, operational and future expansion constraints of more traditional 2 and 4 wire systems. From the factory configured Base System, Messenger can evolve to suit the emerging communication needs of the organisation.

A single Messenger matrix can be expanded at any time to 16 or 24 panel / 4 wire ports and up to 4 channels of analogue telephone interfacing. For larger requirements, multiple Messenger matrices can be interconnected via the optional IP gateway over any standard network, utilising Trilogy’s proven IP based communications technology. This enables systems to be connected over multiple sites or to other current or legacy Trilogy systems including Gemini, Commander or Orator.

• Redundant power supply
• Alternative or additional control panels with lever keys or touchscreens
• 8 port audio expansion board for any combination of panels and audio I/O
• 4 channel analogue telephone interface
• IP network facilities for single and multiple systems
• Factory configuration service to meet requirements
• Gateway Configuration Software – also compatible with Trilogy’s Gemini intercom
• 16 channel GPI Input and Output expansion
• Additional DSP capacity for extended telephony and up to 24 IP voice channels
• Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for interfacing to other IP based communication systems