Trilogy Gemini Real Time Intercom System

Trilogy Gemini Digital Intercom
Trilogy Gemini Digital Intercom

Trilogy Gemini Digital Intercom System

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  • Distributed matrix architecture that maximises resilience and reduces installation costs
  • Full access audio network that provides programme quality performance with no latency
  • Dual redundant ‘ring’ connectivity that has no single point of failure for ultimate system dependability
  • Integrated IP capability permits unlimited expansion in terms of system size or geographic location
  • Integration with IP phone systems and other SIP compliant devices
  • Lever key and Touchscreen control panels to suit individual operational preferences

Gemini delivers the sophisticated functionality and performance expected of a class-leading Intercom with unrivalled flexibility and the reassurance of being able to meet any future requirements.

Designed with resilience in mind, Gemini minimises potential points of failure using cost-effective redundancy provisioning to keep your organisation connected at all times.

Gemini is a flexible real time intercom system designed to meet the specific needs of the broadcast industry for high quality low latency audio. Gemini supports a range of panels from desktop lever panels to new virtual panels on smartphones and tablets. All designed with the needs of the user in mind. Gemini has comprehensive IP capabilities together with interfaces to 4-wire circuits, telephony and SIPto ensure it is equally at home if you require an analogue or IP based solution.

Trilogy use industry standard IP protocols to provide customers with the most open solution available avoiding the costly lock in customers canexperience with proprietary systems. These are already proven in the field in numerous installations around the globe.

The ability to manage complex conference and private conversations simply and quickly
• Excellent audio quality that reduces errors and operator fatigue.
• A system that interfaces with existing communication assets.
• A way to reduce costs for linking remote sites by using standard IP infrastructure.
• An intercom system that operates over LAN or WAN or Internet.
• Works on any terrestrial or satellite-based network.
• Virtual and hardware operator panels to configure and manage each unit.
One touch operation for immediate communication.
• Private one-to-one, group and conference calls.
• Interfaces for telephony, 4 wire, and other audio devices such as Radio base station or Presenter systems
• Sophisticated SIP integration for modern telephony interconnection options