Trilogy Mentor XL Master Reference Generator

Trilogy Mentor XL
Trilogy Mentor XL   

Trilogy Mentor XL Master Reference Generator

Product Code: MENTORXL

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  • An extensive and evolving library of reference and test signals – to satisfy both current and future needs
  • Independent Tri-Level Sync outputs for all 720 and 1080 standards
  • 3G level A and level B offered in a wide range of formats
  • Dual LTC outputs plus VITC/DVITC
  • NTP server, client and SNMP support
  • Intelligent MasterMind or Watchdog auto changeover units for redundant operation
  • Test Pattern and Logo Import facility

Designed to satisfy the demands generated by mixed SD and HD/3G installations, Mentor XL is the most sophisticated, flexible and reliable Master Reference Generator available.

Mentor XL’s innovative architecture avoids the need for numerous option boards or factory upgrades by allowing most optional features to be activated in software. This ensures that units may be easily upgraded, either locally, from a remote location, or through Trilogy’s technical support service.

Key Benefits
• Single Box solution to ensure absolute synchronisation of video, audio, NTP and timecode in any Broadcast or professional
media application
• The ultimate in precision timing, long term stability and reliability - for complete peace of mind
• A level of flexibility adaptable to all environments/applications- from a simple media installation to an entire Broadcast Centre

Auto Changeover Options
For enhanced security, main and reserve Mentor XL units may be deployed with either a MasterMind or Watchdog
auto changeover to create a highly resilient master generator package.

• Comprehensive range of signal monitoring and changeover facilities
• Compact 1RU format to minimise installation footprint
• Failsafe changeover to maintain signal integrity for absolute peace of mind
• Local and remote alarms on signal failure in addition to auto and manual changeover capability

• Dual Channel Detection/Changeover boards for all video, audio, or timecode reference and test signals
• Sophisticated GUI (Graphical User Interface) allows for configuration, control and remote monitoring
• Flexibility to handle all outputs from a Main & Reserve Reference system in any combination of signal format

Vector Editor
Vector is a powerful browser based utility designed to facilitate remote configuration and status monitoring of multiple Mentor XL units.

Key Features of Vector Editor
• Remotely configure any IP connected Mentor XL
• Indicates current status of all parameters
• Displays event log file with time stamp
• Simple cloning of Mentor XL configuration
• Upgrade system firmware and software options

For unbeatable versatility in a wide range of TV and media applications, a number of the most common configurations
are offered as packages,starting with a base system for standalone generation of the essential video and audio reference
signals. Combinations of hardware and software options optimise desired features and price, while still allowing a simple
upgrade path for any eventuality.

A sub-set of typical packages are shown below, with further standard configurations available to suit specific system and
user requirements.