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CANON KJ13x6B HDTV Portable Lens

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 CANON KJ13x6B HDTV Portable Lens (ENG / EFP)


KJ13x6B KRS(HDgc Series)  For 2/3 inch Image Size Cameras
Corresponding to the digital High Definition broadcasting and diversity of HDTV equipment, Canon has added a new series to its HDTV lens line up, the HDsc series. The new HDgc series supports the emergence of an important new generation of cost-effective HD acquisition systems. Adopting the advantages created by Canon's unique technology, the new HDgc lenses exhibit high MTF, high resolution and high contrast from the center of the image to its extreme edges, meanwhile maintaining its compact size and weight.


Product Code: KJ13x6B KRS

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Main Features
· Shuttle Shot Function
Shuttle Shot is a Canon Exclusive Technology that enhances production capabilities. At the touch of a button, this feature allows the operator to zoom back and forth instantly between any two positions. It can be used to zoom to the telephoto position to check focus and then return instantly to the original position or you can “shuttle” between any two zoom positions at any time.

· Compact Design
The KJ13x is smaller in size and lighter in weight compared to the traditional BCTV lenses, which allows ease of use when carried on a shoulder.

· Newly Developed Advanced Drive Unit
Various companies have rolled out cameras with lens aberration correction functions in recent years. For this reason, the KJ13x6B KRSD is fitted with a camera-communication interface to support these separate aberration correction functions.*1

The KJ13x6B KRSD's zoom can travel end to end in 1.0 seconds. On the newly developed advanced drive unit, the Memo switch, which sets specific zoom positions for the Shuttle Shot function (see right page), has been changed to a push switch. On previous drive units, to memorize the zoom position, the operator had to adjust its position by a volume switch. The memo switch enables more reliable Shuttle Shot setup in the fi eld where more consistent functioning of the controls is required.

*1. Check with the camera manufacturer to see whether the KJ13x6B KRSD is compatible with the camera's aberration correction functions.


General Specifications  

Lens Model Number KJ13x6B KRS
Zoom Ratio 13x
Range of Focal Length 6~78mm
Maximum Relative Aperture 1:2.0 at 6~58mm
1:2.7 at 78mm
Angular Field of View
16:9 Aspect Ratio (9.6 x 5.4mm)
77.3° x 48.5° at 6mm
7.0° x 4.0 ° at 78mm
Minimum Object Distance (M.O.D.) 0.4m (10mm with Macro)
Object Dimensions at M.O.D.
16:9 Aspect Ratio (9.6 x 5.4mm)
74.3 x 41.8cm at 6mm
5.4 x 3.0cm at 78mm
Approx.Size (W x H x L) 165.4 x 105.1 x 211.7mm
Approx.Mass 1.59kg (3.51lbs)

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